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Very dark opk test line

Hope it makes sense thanks. An evaporation line is caused by urine evaporating from a pregnancy test. You have to follow instructions of the ovulation test and have sex in 24-36 hours after your positive result. What do the lines mean on a Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test? Are they truly meaningless? Or can you detect your LH surge just by looking at the lines. My first dark one I swore was positive but turns out it was not when I matched it with wondfo. I took it first thing this morning and in the first box the vertical line is super dark but the horizontal line is very faint, but over in the second box it's nothing but a vertical line. For 4 days in a row. I had a positive opk 5 days ago and cramps that lasted 24hours, also pain on right side when peeing once. So the $1 tests were doing better than the $6 tests! The top test is positive, the bottom test is negative. so i kept using the opk's after my last period and got nothing until about the middle of august then i had a constant dark line with my opk's and since my body was acting so weird after getting off depo, i thought nothing of it. Q: Does that mean that the first day of negative OPKs after a positive OPK is the actual day of ovulation? A: Ovulation does not necessarily happen after the OPK turns negative. I would take that skinny line as a positive but maybe test again in a few hours / tomorrow morning and see if the result has changed. Testing Too Early. . @Grettie123. and the pregnancy tests worked too! definately something you should look into! good luck! LH almost as dark as control line: So I haven't had a positive LH this month and I am on cd 17 or possibly 19 (odd period start) and today I got the only line on the OPK . found a opk stick type while cleaning bathroom, thought I used them all. So if the ok so i have a very irregular period, so i have no clue when im going to ovulate but i bought an opk today to help me and there is a visible line but its not as dark as the control line. My husband and I had sex last night, but I thought that you could only get 1 positive day of testing with the OPK. Every 48 hours during early Pregnancy HCG will double as it should and over the course of a few days – you should start to see your test Lines get a little darker each time you pee on that stick! Hello again, October is a natural cycle due to FSH increasing from 12 to 18. Refer to the   Ovulation predictor test kits predict the release of an egg within hours or days. Â I take my test with FMU even though it says to test in the afternoon. results are faint blue line in circle and vertical dark blue line in triangular? Opk staying positive can i be pregnant. CD 8 through 10: Faint second lines on cheap strips. In this case, you might as well just take an HPT and skip the OPK. Did a pregnancy test friday gone it was positive with a faint line so i understand that it is a early pregnancy but did a clearblue digital today came Positives are indicated by a strong test line which is usually as dark or darker/stronger than the control line. She kept testing and found the line became darker on CD14, then it got darker gradually to the  Q: What is an ovulation predictor kit (OPK)? What does it tell me? A: An OPK the test result line in the same color or darker than the reference line. The hpt at 12 dpo didn’t show a thing but the opk was already turning positive. well the entire LEFT half of the line is the same color from top to bottom but the other half is lighter!! WTH does that mean? Using one month after month can get expensive. What does this mean cause right now I am very confused. No worries! Your Test Line (if positive) will reflect how light or dark your CONTROL line is. Fingers x good luck Also, some people just never get a pos OPK when they ARE pregnant. I followed the instructions very carefully, sometimes testing several times a day, but did not seem to find these tests useful for me. It may be a good idea to test twice a day when you feel that you are close to ovulating. Best Answer: I read from Clearblue that the half that is darker must be AT LEAST 50% the size of the control line. It's making it difficult to compare when I do get a second line. You may have taken a Test yesterday (that came in the same pack) that had a very Dark CONTROL Line, whereas today’s Test has a very Faint one. It has been darker than the result line from since sep. it's definitely there, but very light. LH tells your ovaries that it is time to ovulate. I discovered this during my last cycle when I got a very negative test in the morning and then a positive test in the evening. A positive ovulation test is when the test line is equal to, or darker than the control line. Trust me, I'm an expert on them. I've never had a test line darker than the control line. i bought mine off of the internet and they worked just fine. i took the test. My positive showed up waaay before the time limit, almost as soon as the urine passed through the test and control lines. 1. Remember - faint test line on the ovulation test is not a positive result. I'm confused - the test line is fairly dark, however the control line is VERY light. Can test still show positive after ovulation ?? You have to follow instructions of the ovulation test and have sex in 24-36 hours after your positive result. Out of curiosity i did an opk and it was nearly positive. ) An OPK may show a faint test line in the presence of very little LH or hCG. An OPK (ovulation predictor kit) has a "control" line and a "test" line, just like an HPT. I recommend waiting at least three days after your missed period to test again if you want to be sure, but a faint line still indicates pregnancy because there was enough hGC to produce a line, just not enough to produce a dark line. Evaporation Line. The line results in the area where a positive result would normally be seen. Q: What does it mean if my test line gets darker for a day or more before the . I'm just not sure what these means. This is especially so if your cycles are irregular and you need to use more than five test strips. Why? Because low levels of LH can be in your system throughout your menstrual cycle. Just curious, what does it mean when the test line is much darker then the control line? r/TFABLinePorn: We need a place to share our HPTs (home pregnancy tests) and our OPKs (ovulation predictor kits). really confused help me. The same thing happened last month. So I just left the bathroom ( with the test still on the counter, and went on about the day, no biggie, figured it was a bit to early anyways ) I went back into the bathroom a few hours later, not to even look at the test, but then seen a VERY dark ( as fark as the control line ) line but its not as thick as the control line, its thin but VERY Thin but dark opk line? a positive opk is the same color or darker than the control. " So that would mean your test line is DARKER than the control line :( ! My control line was that dark and my test line was almost as dark on wednesday but like that on monday ! Ugh! The reason I test twice a day is because you actually can miss the LH surge. Now I am 15 dpo (ovulation had already been confirmed at around cycle day 14-15 by ovulation kits (3 brands). An expired test or improperly stored pregnancy test may not work accurately. It was Friday 8 Sept it came up a very dark test line. My biggest question is what about the sensitive LH strips? In order to get a true positive, we are trained to wait to see if the test line is as dark as the control line, so would it be the same in the case of trying to catch a positive pregnancy? Who really knows? CD14 (9pm) - negative, very faint CD15 (5am) - negative, waiting for the positive knowing that O is close CD15 (10am) - positive, as dark as the control line *ovulation took place on CD15; last OPK @ 10am* Hi, I have been using the Clear blue line test OPK since Wednesday and still not surge. And I've had several So 2 days ago the lines on my OPK where exactly the same color, and again they were the same yesterday, Today the test line is MUCH darker then the control line. Also, multiple positive might mean a pregnancy or may indicate some hormonal imbalance. Darker than control line. in september i was still using them stillgetting dark lines and found out i was 5 weeks pregnant. Goin to try a FR test tomoro as im goin into town. . As you can see from my picture (CD 19-21), I got VERY dark lines, darker than the control line even, on my ovulation days. Just like a pregnancy test, it comes in large midstream applicator size and smaller test strip size. Re: clearblue digital OPK- meaning of lines? If I am correct, I believe that you are not supposed to take OPKs with FMU. So at that point you might as well use only HPT's anyways and not waste OPKS. How do ovulation prediction kits work? What does a faint line mean? A lot of women wonder about a faint line or a dark line, and do they mean the same thing? Pregnancy Test 《Line Testing Too Early. Some people have trouble reading a positive ovulation test result. My line gets a little darker each day until the test line is as dark or darker than the control. This month, the first day I used OPK was on CD 13 (yesterday). Here is the low-down on using an ovulation test as a pregnancy test: An ovulation test works by detecting the surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) that precedes ovulation. LH is always produces within your body, so at any time during your cycle you will get at least a faint test line, but what those tests are looking for is the LH surge that happens 12-48 hours before ovulation, and gives you a very clear DARK test line. my last period was 3 days late so i'm trying to track my cycle as I've always had a 28 day cycle then suddenly it was 3 days late last month and different than normal (heavy for one day then light for about 4 days). Make sure to check the expiration date on your pregnancy test as well as the storage instructions. Â I will have 2 dark lines for about 3 days then it will fade again. Could a very faint line on my ovulation test mean pregnant i shouldnt be ovulating now. I had my 1st miscarriage 6 months ago and have very irregular menstrual cycles from 32-40 days cycles. i bought about 25 opk and 4 hpt for about 10 dollars. Once I get a positive pregmate than I confirm with wondfo or CB Did an OPK yesterday, which was faint, but darker than non ovulation days, and took a new one today in the afternoon, which is darker than yesterday. It almost looks like the test line is sucking the dye from the control line as the lines come up. If you find OPK testing confusing, you may want to use a digital test that clearly states whether or not your result is positive. The test line which detects the hormone is very dark and showed up right away but he control line to show if the test is working is not as dark. The reason I’m saying this is because different Tests have different amounts of Dye in them. When you have a surge, you should have two lines the same color. By 13 dpo the opk was as positive as could be and the hpt had the faintest line on it. How do OPKs work? Ovulation tests detect lutenizing hormone (LH). If you are using ovulation test, it should be easy for you to determine your ovulation and become pregnant very quickly. Usually the day after you ovulate, but there will still be a very faint line, because LH is still in your bloodstream. You need a dark test line or a line darker than the control line. Anyone else had this happen x • Begin taking your ovulation predictor kit by Day 10/11 of your cycle • Insert OPK direct into the middle of your stream of urine • Lay flat for 1-5 minutes, then read results • A control line will show up dark for all test results • The second test line will show up only if the LH hormone has been detected • OPK test lines usually Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Maybe their molecules are shaped a little different. It can even be bolder than the control. CONGRATS!!!! I can only imagine your strength and patience with 16 mnts of TTC and now it is all worth the wait!:) One question: when you say you had "faint positive" OPKs, did you mean that the test line was still lighter than the control line, or that the test line was as dark/darker than the control line, but just not very much darker? dark test line, faint control line? - posted in OPKs, HPTs and BFPs: So I'm late, and I did a HPT - Discover Onestep - and the result was a very dark test line and a very light control line - what Hi girls I had a light line on Mon, Tue and Wed, then a tiny bit darker (but a lot lighter than control line) on Thurs, then VERY nearly as dark as the control line on Fri, then lighter again on Sat and Sun. Again, like a home pregnancy test, you simply pee on a stick. Brand on first response pregnancy test one dark line one faint line: Pregnancy tests are made by various companies, and different tests have different instructions. A true positive result is where the test line is as dark as, or darker than the control line. If you don’t get a very strong LH surge, it can be difficult to tell whether the test line is as dark as the control line. Â I will get a slightly darker line the day before my surge then a full blown dark line the day of my surge. Today (CD 14), the line seemed lighter than yesterday. what does that mean? it is my 16th day of monthly cycle. just to FURTHER confirm, i opened anothe clearblue digital box and got 2 NEGATIVES!! 3. A positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit) does not guarantee that you will ovulate. I had a faint one today too on a opk test so took another one and its slightly darker I'm 2 days late so in gonna wait 3 days and see if af comes if not ill take a test but still might take opk to see what happens. Testing at any time before your missed period means there won't be enough hCG hormone in your urine for the test to detect. This means that you are having an LH surge. I'm about 14 dpo and AF is due today (no sign of her yet :) ) but I've been testing since 11 dpo BFN so for giggles I wanted to see what an OPK would say and much to my surprise they have all been positive and I mean POSITIVE the test line is completely darker then the control line and the test line is appearing within 10 sec of me peeing. Faint line at 10am, dark line at 3pm, very faint line at 11pm. (Too early to test but I always do anyway)CD 11 & 13: Cheap strips getting darker but still negative, Smiley Opk's are negative (no smiley, just a circle) Control Line on OPK Always Faint?: Since starting to use OPKs my control lines are always just a medium to light pink colour? Never dark even when there is clearly no second line. Which brought me to trying out opk's, did my research and decided too try out wondfo and clear blue digital eventually added first response as well. I am hoping to hunt down a pregnancy test today and will update if the opk test worked but after reading this I'm We are currently ttc baby #2 our first pregnancy we didn't use opk. This morning around 10. There is only one statement concerning lines on the The test line must be as dark as, or darker than, the control line to be a positive result (meaning that a surge was detected, rather than the ordinary amount of LH usually found in your urine every day. There is another, very powerful hormone that is circulating throughout your body at the same time – estrogen. today i am on CD 18 (period on oct. 5 hours later with a new the 1st day that the strains have been the comparable shade (helpful opk) you will have toddler danced then as a results of fact a surge became detected. On a positive OPK, the test line must be as dark as (or darker than) the reference line. CD15 very dark Note the faint line on the ovulation prediction test in the middledarker actually than the positive HPT above it, but not "positive" for an OPK, which is only considered positive if the test line is actually as dark as or darker than the control line. 3 Days of Dark Line on OPK? This is the 3rd morning in a row that I have had a positive OPK test. I did a test today the control line is so so faint and the test line is so dark. But USUALLY the OPK test line will become as dark or darker than the control on the very same day as a HPT becomes positive. So other ttc couples and opk users please help ! Although a faint line on a pregnancy test can be considered a positive result, sometimes it can be caused by an evaporation line, which leads to a false result. For me personally I always have a faint line. Since LH can be present even when not ovulating, a faint line can be picked up on the test at other times of the cycle. Remember, the OPK is only positive if the test line is as dark or darker than Hi Ella's mum, Not only did I never get a +ve OPK, but I barely even got a second line including the cycle I fell pregnant. NP, but yes, that's how it is for me. I started BDing yesterday and plan on for the next week. Can you try doing the test for a couple more days and see if you are still getting positives? Also, what times of the day are you testing? I tested using an ic hcg just now and i had the very slightest pink line well before 5 minsnever had evaps on these ics before. as quickly as to procure that helpful, it states you should ovulate 12-36 hours after that. Possible they're not working properly? So I just wanted to share my experience so far using opk's with you lady's. I'm not sure if it was a fault with that particular test or not quite a positive. oh! i was under the impression that OPKs always have a test line it's just that they aren't positive unless they are as dark as the control line? is that wrong? as i too poas on an opk today to cure my addiction too and i had a test line come up, it wasn't even faint it as very noticeable but it wasn't as dark as the control line An ovulation predictor kit is very similar to a pregnancy test. Extremely dark positive opk. Ok I am still using my OPK's cause i want to see when/if i ovulate. One line is just the control line, indicating that you are not ovulating. The faint lines you saw was your lh building and your body getting ready for ovulation but if you don't ever get that strong line you will have a weak or poor ovulation. I have found for me pregmate test line needs to be darker than the control to actually be positive. it was weird. The surge line was almost just as dark as the test line (but for sure not darker). ) This means that there is already some ambiguity involved in reading an OPK's results. 3rd. I have been having positive OPKs (two dark lines or test line darker than control line) since my ovulation and until now a day after period is due. Sometimes the line is almost as dark as the control Anyone Seen This Faint Control Line On OPK . positive OPK 5 days in a row?!?: Hey ladies, im normally just on the assisted conception forum but though is try and see what you all think too. Â Hope this helps and good luck! Hello can I join! af is 5 days late I'm on holiday in France and last night (and this morning) I did an opk and got a very very dark line (darker than I've ever had them predicting ovulation) both times. For me I just think that the first OPK I took this cycle the test line was just very dark so it made the control look An OPK is not a yes or no type of test. They usually get really close to the same color or the same. OPK sticks - light line/dark line/no line at all - please help! The ovulation test is ONLY positive if the second line is the same or darker than the test line It is possible to miss the surge. How do I read the results of an OPK? This is very important: OPK's are not read like HPT's. You'll see that later. 5 on CD 3 estradoil 55. Still not dark enough to be a positive OPK though from what I understand, although the side of it seems as dark as the control line. Two lines indicates that you are about to • A positive OPK is signaled by a “test line” that is identical to the “control line” in boldness. usually with opk's i find that i will start off around cd10 and have just one line, then over the next few days a 2nd line starts to feintly appear getting darker - i usually get a true dark dark 2nd line for 2 days then it starts to fade again. i was wondering if since there is a visible line does that mean i am getting closer to ovulation Peak OPK: Hi ladies, so I’ve been using OPKs to track my very irregular cycles and got a test line as dark and the control line yesterday. Hi. On CD 13 the test line and control line was same color CD14 very dark testline accompanied by O'cramping and milkly CM that I usually dont produce on my own. If your thermal shift occurs, you probably ovulated. As usual, the cheap strips gave me two lines from the start but the second line was faint and there for considered a negative. Remember: an OPK is only positive if both lines are equally dark (or if the TEST line is darker than the CONTROL line. BOTH looked PROBABLY positive (the thinner part of the test line was AT LEAST as dark as the control line) i followed up with the last clearblue digital stick in a box i had and i got the positive smile face. I began OPK testing on CD10 because my cycles varies from CD28 and CD31. Hard to say. Â I've had no problem catching my surge with FMU. Why would i have a 2nd line on ovulation test strip for 7 days? I `ve lost the box of the clear blue pregnancy test. Positive opk ????? After ovulation. • A faint LH test line does not indicate the LH-Surge. You can use them to test, but a faint line on an OPK, some brands excluded, almost always equals a negative HPT. it is almost as dark as the control line but not as darkdoes that mean it is negative or has detected some? Pregmate OPKs are super tricky. So I've take hundreds of opk's over the last 13 months. When the OPK test line becomes as dark or darker than the test line, only then is the test result considered a positive as the LH surge is detected. Here's the one I took a couple of hours ago: One caveat here, make sure that you are actually reading the test correctly. The user did her 1st test on CD7 and saw a very light test line (Negative). Opks stay positive. A positive result on an ovulation test (indicating an LH Surge) is indicated by a test If you have a test line that is fairly dark one day then very light the next, you   Apr 6, 2018 A positive OPK (or positive LH surge) is signaled by a second line in the Make sure the test line is as dark as, or even darker than the control line. It could happen, but that's not the rule. Also, "a line is a line" only applies to HPTs. 28th) . hit menopause or were recently pregnant can have false positives, too. Re: Best time of day to test OPK?? yes the afternoon in my opinion is the best time. OPK Basics. Now I am experiencing cramps, so I am thinking they are ovulation cramps May 23, 2018 Even on the non inverted pic I'm sure I see a 2nd line :) I wouldn't have tested its just that opk was so dark lol must be ovulation xx was going to base my dpo from the later opk then I got that very very dark that I posted at start of thread. This is because the LH surge is very tricky to predict. according to the online calculator i am not ovaluating. My newly pregnant friend came in to town last week and just out of curiousity I had her do an OPK stick. Last month I noticed the test line got darker but  An Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) is an at-home test that looks for the citrate) can cause a false positive in OPKs if taken too soon after finishing the prescription. This hormone surges 12-48 hours before you ba-GAWK (or release an egg to those of you that don’t speak chicken). im 8-9 dpo (5 days til AF) and for the last two days iv had etremely positive opks, like the test line comes up dark even before the control line comes up! someone mentioned that pregnancy can cause opks to be positive - anyone had any experiance of this? x added pic - Reading OPK results - posted in Trying to Conceive: I am using Confirm ovulation testing kit and find that I am confused with reading the results. If you're still wondering what is an ovulation test or when to test for ovulation, you can find the directions to the tests in question here. 45am i did a test and when I checked it 10 mins later (recommended time) the outside of it was dark but the rest was lighter :? anyone had this before and does it mean anything? i'm still going to test again this afternoon Normally I ovulate between CD 16 & 20. The BFP Ovulation Test detects the LH surge in urine, indicating that ovulation If 2 lines appear and the line in the test region (T) is similar to or darker in color  I've seen other posters show a few days or a week's worth of OPK. I seem to have a very thin but dark test line I just used my first ever OPK. This is my first month TTC, but I played around with temping and OPKs (Wondfo) last month, too. Ideally, test at 10am and 8pm each day. They do work because I did get the double dark line before. What does it mean when you use an OPK test and the test line is lighter than the control line, but has a skinny dark line in it? I want to double check with my digital, but I have to wait 4 hours cause I just peed. Was glad I didn't wait until the morning to test again. it and the test li more If I take an opk and the test line is just as dark as the I have just done another test and the line is darker than the control but its really thin id say the line is about 25percent very dark then it gets a little lighter. I have never used them. If you have a test line that is fairly dark one day then very light the next, you may have missed the actual surge. A line in the OPK that's fainter in the test window than the control window does not mean you are going to ovulate. the certainty that the try line became darker than the administration probably propose greater of the surge became detected in the urine meaning you Hey ladies, I am trying to concieve the second time and have started using the OPK kit. Why faint horizontal line and dark vertical line equate pregnancy test? On CD 11, the CVS strip showed a near-positive result. For an OPK to be an indicator of pg, that line needs to be much darker than the control line and needs to come up very fast. You will ovulate between 12–48 hours from the time you took the test. Your egg is the test line. A test line in the OPK that's fainter in the test window than the control window does not mean you are going to ovulate. Without seeing it myself, it's hard to say if your test is positive or not, but you are probably at least getting close. , then sept 4 still just a dark, sept 5 same thing, then yesterday although the result line was still darker than the test line it was lighter than the previous days. If it’s a very faint Line, I always highly recommend to take another test in a couple days to track your Line Progression. You can use the opks to detect hcg but you have to use them many days in a row and see them get very dark and stay that … Read more » Do increasingly dark OPK's always indicate pregnancy? In an effort to find out, I have been performing this experiment myself. Then today, tested again and the test line was much darker than the control line. But on the Tuesday before I had severe pain in right ovary and thought I must be ovulating. In order for the result to be considered positive, the test line must be as dark as or darker than the control line. I know when you're early the test line is faint but I thought the control line was always dark pregnant or not. I get a faint line and a dark reference line. I got a definite positive yesterday evening. Then after a day (or two or three) of very dark lines, you'll get another fainter day. Unlike home pregnancy tests where any line in the result window indicates a positive, OPKs are only positive if the test-result line is the same color or darker than the reference line. 5 hours later with a new hi i am very frustrated! at 2pm today i took 2 cvs brand opk strip tests. I have now taken all 3 and had the same result each time. December 22, 2013 at 12:36 am Unfortunately if the test line is not as dark or darker then the control line then the test is negative. Quoting I'm His Amy He's My Rory:" Far left is the test line I believe. The test line must be equal or darker than the control line. thhats whn i got a strong dark line too. That can sometimes be hard to discern, so when in doubt, have intercourse anyway and test again the next day. I mean, it isn't expressly forbidden, but it does give you a good coverline for that day despite maybe not being accurate because women produce very little LH while sleeping. A very faint second line indicates it's picking up only LH, not HCG. LH is surging when the test line is similar in color or darker than the control line. I do think next time I might try the smiley face ones just to see. sarah the line does fade away after ovulation, well they do for me. I've been looking online for a bit for info with no success. If you are not sure, then test again in a few hours. If You Get a Positive OPK Does that Always Mean You Will Ovulate? Even if you confidently have a positive ovulation test result, this doesn’t mean you Yes I got one yesterday morning. Double Check In some situations, a woman might have an increased amount of LH in hi ladies, 1st time user of OPK. Is this positive? I thought i had a positive opk a few days ago but this has made me wonder. While it is certainly possible to use an ovulation test as a pregnancy test, it is not necessarily the most advisable method for testing for pregnancy. What worked for me is testing around noon after holding it in for a few hours. testing, the second line wasn't there at all, then it was very light, and now  When you see faint lines on ovulation test strips, should you also take them In contrast, ovulation tests can only be taken as positive if the test result line is darker or You can also get a false positive result if you take the test too early in your  May 23, 2018 Thank you for choosing easy @ home ovulation tests. So I'm not familiar with opk and what a positive or a negative looks like. So if you only test once per day, you may miss it. See this FAQ for details! 2. I would just like for someone to comfirm that this is a positive pregnancy test, because I'm a little confused. Take the test around noon: I saw the other reviewers mention that their Test line was not as dark as the control line. Ive read that some people have faint opk test and end up Prego. I was amazed at how dark the test line got so fast. In most cases, if you are pregnant, you will see a dark, unmistakable result. I don't know exactly how many hours my surges last, but when I got pregnant last time I was testing three times a day with the cheap strips. OPKs work differently. anyways my cycles range anywhere from 23 days to 31 days . Ive read sometimed opks can sometimes pick up on hcg. Here you can ask for another set … hi i am very frustrated! at 2pm today i took 2 cvs brand opk strip tests. Because the LH circulates in your blood stream, it also ends up in your urine, which is why you can test for it by dipping your urine with an OPK. very dark opk test line

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