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This site consists of a compilation of public information available on the internet. Bought a second hand 2006 VE Omega Commodore (Build Date 18/08/06) in May 2010, good service history, only 61000 kms on the clock, no leaks, no seal problems, ran smooth, no noticable issues. On a VN onwards Commodore V6, when changing the crank angle sensor, remember that the sensor may need to be adjusted so that is does not hit or rub on the balancer, but runs nicely in between the 2 discs. It handles all weather situations and performs as well as any other commodore. A common problem for the power window switch gear is for the front window switches to slowly wear, and intermittently fail to operate. 2010 Holden VE Commodore SIDI First we went and brought a 2010 VE Commodore SIDI The commodore leaves his falcon for dead in fuel economy,he has always been a Falcon man from day one, but The Holden Commodore (VE) is an executive car that was produced by the Australian . 733 likes. Find ve commodore ve wheels from a vast selection of Car and Truck Parts. The thing is, once warm and revved a bit hard the bottom hose collapses. I'm having trouble diagnosing an intermittent overheating problem with my son's VY V6 Commodore. Your engine check light on your Holden can be caused by hundreds of things, some of them are easily fixed and can be inexpensive. Holden VE and VZ Commodore timing chain fitting service. Hi, im having problems starting my VE commodore, it starts then turns off, when i try to start it again it wont start i let go of key but engine is still cranking. now that is not working. After an accident alway ask questions (of both the insurer and repairer) as to the method of repair to be carried out. com. Author: Steve Bennett. This allowed time to address any issues or faults before fitting it to the VE. I’ve written before about the size of the VE Commodore, but I have to say it again. Plenty of space for the kids and lots of space Im the boot. Hello, I am wanting to buy a VE ssv ute for myself as a work car *tax write off mainly* it would see little use, only around 150km's a week or so. I've just bought a PET 2001-8C and I see, that the problem is with H7 ROM chip. VY Commodore Issues - posted in What Do You Think?: Any one a mechanic, or had similar problems?Normally I would be heading straight to the mechanic but he has had an accident and is really not Search for New & Used Holden Commodore VE cars for sale in Australia. Holden Commodore VE SS V8, Series 1. We stock a huge range of VE series I and VE series II to choose from. Every VE Commodore has a status within Engineering Mode which shows the remaining ‘life’ of the oil in your engine. It had the brown sludgy radiator cap and coolant overflow tank. ATM the biggest niggle with the VF is that the heater is very ordinary. Commodore « Repair Manual The Holden Commodore VE is a full size car which was made by the Australian manufacturer Holden from 2006 to 2013 It was 1st version for the 4th and final generation of this Australian made model Its number included the true luxury variants Holden present problems; followed by soft, or memory, codes for intermittent problems. . After a few bolts have been taken out, the seats can be removed through the doors. . The worst complaints are engine problems. Fuel Pump change, quickest way - Ve SSV ute If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Basically, my girlfriends VE SS commodore started making a nice chirping noise that was consistent with moving rocker gear. We've flushed it out and think I've isolated the problem to a slow leaking bottom hose clamp. 7-litre version, including the piston-slap and The all-new VE Commodore was heralded as the car that would keep Holden ahead of the pack when it was released in 2006. As had happened with the VT, the SS was promoted as the hero car of the range and in fact, a red SS was the first production VE to roll off the production line. Some form of With some VE Commodore models now reaching the 5 year old mark, we are beginning to see a common problem regarding the power window switch gear, and auto up / down modules fitted to these models. The earliest VE range in the Commodores used the L98 engine which is a 6L block the same as the LS2 used in the VZ HSV 297 but using the newer rectangular port heads which are called L92. VY and VZ Holden Commodore (2002-2006) Search for New & Used Holden Commodore SS cars for sale in Australia. Do you know at what date Holden changed the timing chain from a 9. 0-litre V6 engine. com/autoexpertau. I have a problem with a V6 Commodore Cross 6 ute where the timing chain has stretched and come off and caused massive damage. Symptom: The alternator light comes on on dash board that warns you that the alternator is not charging, The late model vehicles have ECU controlled, charging circuits and no longer just use the battery for sensing, the alternators are pulse width controlled by the ECU for charge rates from the alternator. Graham Smith reviews the used Holden VE Commodore 2006-2009, its fine points, its flaws and what to watch for when you are buying it. She has been driving it quite merrily with all lights flashing etc as her mechanic has says there is nothing wrong with it He wants to drive from Melb to Adelaide return for work but has no confidence in it due to failing late at nite when working at Geelong Dead centre of the My partner owns a 2011 Holden VE commodore, the car has hardly done any mileage. According to Product Recalls Australia, "in extreme cases the vehicle may develop a fuel leak and a fuel smell may become self Holden Ve Commodore problem. We have recently repaired a VE commodore (HSV) that looked very similar to the photos of a green one in another thread. twin scroll turbos largely address the issues I discussed before. Are you having problems with your Holden Commodore? Let our team of motoring I have a 2009 VE SV6 with a HSV Plate showing a modification EWC. Commodore Sportwagon · Holden Equinox in summit  Jul 5, 2010 Im having problems starting my VE commodore, it starts then turns off, when i try to start it again it wont start i - Answered by a verified AU Auto  Jul 20, 2018 European owners rate imported Holden Commodore's sister model as The JD Power survey records the number of problems experienced  technical information on the VE Commodore range or any of the products contact the The above problems can be addressed by installing. What. VR commodore has Ignition, but no cranking on key turn, other fu Something very simple that used to happen with VR V6 causing similar intermittent problems was a The VE Commodore arrived in mid-2006 with, like the VZ before it, two versions of GM’s 3. Australia’s top 10 cars: Number 1 – The VE Commodore. Most of what we have to say about the VE applies to the VY through to the VF Commodore. Page 1 of 3 - VE Commodore Omega or V model, any issues? - posted in General Discussion: Howdy, The gearbox on the shithead corolla has busted again (covered by warranty thankfully) so the missus has cracked it and decided we are buying a VE Commodore (much to my disgust as I wanted an XR6). Welcome to Commodore-mania Holden Commodore Ve L77 Engine Removed from a 2012 Ve Ss Ute 6 speed manual Comes complete with all bolt ons no loom or ecu Direct replacement for your worn damaged engine Tested and in excellent working order with warranty Complete conversion available at extra cost with loom, ecu,shifter, peddles. This information relates to known system and vehicle strategies peculiar to the Holden VE/WM. Like the VE Commodore, the VF Commodore's 3. After a test drive today of one, I was blown away of help it felt, even for a heavy car it moves!, hooks up nice with the ESP off. Our kit is designed with a digital neutral safety sensor so it will never start when in gear. To cut a long story short, a new set of liters, cam, heads serviced at a total of 4k, its back on the road. PAGE 2 About the Fast-Track Troubleshooter System Snap-on’s Fast-Track Troubleshooter is a unique time saving diagnosis tool which compliments the Snap- on Scanner. We can diagnose or repair, replacement your chains at a competitive price 2010 Holden Commodore VE Ute - 140000kms - 6 months rego - Just been serviced ( with receipts ) - New tyres all round - HSV rims (have a few scratches) - HSD Monopro Coilovers - have been engineered and can be set to height of your choice - LSD diff - Sub and amp professionally installed No problems with the car, has had a full check over by a Buy Commodore VE products now at Holmart Holden. I'd bought it in January 2018 with 86,000kms on the odometer for $32,000 and traded it in last week on Friday with 102,000 for $18,000. We're actively collecting data on the worst transmission problems for the Holden Commodore. Its aussie related, and only aussies could help. Check the owner manual for the correct amount of liters of oil that this engine requires. The company has recalled 1521 V8 models because of a fuel leak. In late 2008 Holden made changes to the VE Commodore, including the addition of a passenger seatbelt-reminder system. Tested here in Berlina spec (a high-value model that should attract private buyers), the new Holden brings fresh styling and feel but its closest rival, the aging BA-BF series Ford Falcon, is definitely on the same page in terms of performance, refinement, space - pretty The escarpment was a bit hairy but both car and van handled it without any problems. If you've had a problem, please help us out and report it. The Holden VE Commodore is the 14th series Commodore launched by Holden. This is one of the most common problems we deal with on the VE Commodore HVAC fascia. 7mm pitch? Holden acknowledge they had a problem with stretch of the 7. In the sports range, there’s the SV6, SS and SS V. Cars Reviews Holden Holden Commodore Sedan Australia. CarComplaints. Holden says the problem is restricted to a "very limited'' number of 2012 VE Commodores fitted with a 3. Are you having problems with your Holden Commodore? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest Holden Commodore issues & faults. Read Holden Commodore SS car reviews and compare Holden Commodore SS prices and features at carsales. This breaks the  Holden Commodore Tourer in Cosmic Grey Colour. This kit is not available any where else in the world. Think of it as Son has purchased a Commodore VE from a little old lady up the street, (neighbour) which has done only about 140k. The SS effectively replaces the now-departed SV8, providing an entry level to the V8 Commodore performance line-up. The beloved Holden Commodore is a somewhat average car. It's equivalent to a breakup in my opinion. g. From my previous experience, i've found the best way to get yourself listened to is to be calm, rational and treat the person listening to your complaint like a human being, just as you'd expect to be treated in return. I could be wrong but I believe this is the reason Alloytec's suffer timing chain issues. 0-litre V8 The 2008 Holden Commodore has 1 problems & defects reported by Commodore owners. Recalls and faults: Holden VE Commodore (2006-13). These actuators commonly fail on Series 1 vehicles and have been seen to fail on Series 2, however a revised unit is now being used. i. but didn't some of the V6 commodores of 06/07 have problems with Hoping someone has some experience with Commodore locks. And hey, it isn't FUCKING politics!!! (self. A faulty crank angle sensor can prevent the engine from starting. I wont stress about until the first service. I do feel sorry for those that have spent big money on a brand new VE only to get something with more problems than a 10-20 year old car. Holden VE Dual-Fuel Commodore. - posted in General Discussion: Hey GuysWas just thinking that some may find this interesting. I've done heaps of these engines and have found the same symptoms on Flat battery problems on a VE Commodore Follow us on facebook @ facebook. The Holden Commodore (VE) is an executive car that was produced by the Australian manufacturer Holden from 2006 to 2013. 0-litre V8. We look at the VE Commodore common problems. I was behind one in traffic the other day, and I kid you not, I reckon the boot line was higher than the roof of many cars. Buying Used: Holden VE Commodore Calais V6 (2009-11) An engine down-size and greater refinement kept Commodore's head above water while its traditional rival in the Large Car market foundered. ONCE the niggles were ironed out. All Commodore problems big and small VB VC VH VK VL VN VP VR VS VT VX VY VZ VE VF ve commodore - wm statesman & caprice - commodore ve commodore bonnet protector ve commodore dark smoked tint pontiac g8 export front onl. The original base V6 benefited from power increases over the VZ, with engine  Dec 21, 2015 We look at the VE Commodore common problems. This is basically the order in which they should be serviced, with current codes being diagnosed before history codes. Jul 26, 2019 Thinking about purchasing a VE Commodore, or interested about their common problems? AutoGuru uses its repair data to list the 5 most  Mar 11, 2019 I'm thinking of buying a new ZB Commodore LT or RS wagon. I traded in a VE Thunder Ute, and got the car for $30k ex-demo with 700 km's . ve commodore lowbeam headlights not working lowbeam headlights not working,highbeam and parkers are working - Holden Cars & Trucks question. Vehicle. The tools required for removal of the Holden Commodore VE stereo are shown on Figure 1: · 1x Phillips screwdriver · 1x small slotted screwdriver. This is an SS V Commodore with additional extras such as the body decals and new alloy Removing your Holden Commodore's seats is a relatively straightforward task. The 73 litre LPG tanks goes in the Commodore's boot, and costs $2,400. The Holden Commodore range has always had a "Hero" car in the line-up, and when the VE range was launched mid 2006 the VE SS V8 was part of the model mix. done around 150 thousand K's no mods 1 owner full service history and is asking. by Simona, on September 2, 2010, 09:30. australia) submitted 3 years ago by The new 2012 Holden Commodore VE Series II SS V in Peter Brock-inspired Perfect Blue is about as good as Aussie cars get; loads of grunt from its American-derived Generation IV 6. So please, enjoy the Commodore (and the Falcon) while you still can. Changed to a new tug 12 months or so ago when the mileage on the Camry reached 300,000klms. 6-litre LFX V6 direct injection (SIDI) engines are susceptible to accumulating carbon deposits (or build up) on the intake valves. Shop with confidence. VE IMAGE GALLERY: Holden Commodore VE SV6 (22 images) Model SS. VE Commodore central locking not working I have a Holden Commodore Omega 2006 model which is having problems with the central locking. Engines. WHEN it was released in 2006, the all-new VE Commodore was heralded as the car that would keep Holden ahead of the pack. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the Holden Commodore in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy. 49169 rear cross  Jan 22, 2010 The changes were designed to prepare us for the VE, and so the "There is no doubt there have been issues with the Commodore," he said. Mar 17, 2017 It cost a billion dollars to develop but the VE Commodore saved to fix handling and stability problems that had dogged the Commodore for  Jul 6, 2017 HOLDEN VE COMMODORE/CALAIS V6 (2009-11). Get great deals on eBay! Holden Commodore (VE) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. sku: 92207554. au The crank angle sensor in a Holden Commodore is part of an extensive network of sensors, designed to assist the powertrain control module, or PCM, in operating the engine. au I've read a few of your posts, slamming different dealerships and the service you've gotten or havent gotten. Holden invested more than it had ever done before in developing the VE and was looking to the new car to maintain its premier position in the market. If repairs are carried out by a reputable shop there should be no problems. Don't laugh I've done it and it cost me another $80. Worst Holden Commodore Transmission Problems. 00. Nothing too flash but not a complete lemon either. Its range included the luxury variants, Holden Berlina (VE) and Holden Calais (VE); utility models were included as the Holden Ute (VE). I've read commodore forums (tried and failed at signing up to ask them) and it looks like it's deadlocked or something. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. My VY and VE were great cars. Woodworking is a craft of producing furniture or whatever is created of wood. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who wants a affordable car that performs There are at least another 4 VE's in the family and none of them have had any issues either. Setting the heater between 23 to 30 does not deliver the heat you would expect or similar to what I experienced from the VE. The new 2005 model VZ Holden Commodore is so close you can almost smell it, and the General Motors-owned company has now put the first piece of the puzzle together by releasing the specs for its new V6 engine, which will be offered in two forms - 175kW and 190kW. (old age and excess kms also cause them to fail but thats like 4 or 5 years old or +200,000kms) _____ Rear Drive Axle Description and Operation The differential assembly is a cast aluminium two-piece housing design. In these direct injection engines, carbon deposits may accumulate on the stem and throat of the intake valve due to: 2006-2013 Holden Commodore VE SS used car review The 6. Popular Videos - Holden Commodore (VE) L76 issues/problems!!! Holden Commodore SS VE 2009 Sportswagon BEST HOLDEN COMMODORE VE MALOO UTE MAG WHEELS ENGINE Find great deals on eBay for ve commodore shocks. tailgate locking mechanism & actuator ve commodore station wagon sportswagon Holden Commodore VB-VF Faults & Problems Discussion Page. 6-litre HFV6 (175 and 190kW) and a 6. Holden Commodore Forums Discuss VE Transmissions, problems, and modifications here 0 Topics 0 Posts No posts . I’ve tried to go in and change the controls, but it only gives me a very limited set to play with under the Retropad and doesn’t resolve any conflicted keys. opinion before I do, like is their any problems I should be aware of what costs am I VE Model Range. NEW - The all-new VE Commodore was heralded as the car that would keep Holden ahead of the pack when it was released in 2006. Now, with the Commodore SV6 SIDI, Holden is showing its responsible side and the terms ‘muscle car’ and ‘enhanced fuel economy’ are no longer mutually incompatible. 0-litre V8 engine had long-before been engineered to remove the problems of the earlier 5. According to the famous 1970s advertising jingle, Australians had an enduring love for  Holden Commodore VE: 132 customer reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Had no problems with it at all so far, would recommend it to anyone that'd  Does anyone know of inherent problems or any issues I should look for 2010 Holden Commodore SV6 - Car Review | CarShowroom. The latest recall affects 25,055 2011 Holden Commodore VE Series II. The Commodore SV6 is part of Holden's VE family of cars. e. When investigating the system functionality, it is best practice to run a scan tool check for DTC’s (diagnostic trouble From the data we have collected, this issue seems to be affecting all VE Commodore models, ranging from run of the mill Omega, right through to the top of the line HSV Grange. 7 chain but dispute that it was fitted to my vehicle. It's probably one of the most heartbreaking things I've had to do. Holden VE Commodore Remote Start Manual Transmission – DIY – Plug & Play. RedBook’s used car price search lets you check the value of a new car before you buy or sell. They've holden commodore is a terrific car for the family. This articles aims to inform you of the variations between the VE models from 2006-2013. We are the pre-eminent provider of new car prices, values, vehicle identification and pricing information in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Son bought that off me and it is still running beautifully. We can determine if your timing chains require replacing. Its 6 cylinder, double overhead camshaft naturally aspirated powerplant has 4 valves per cylinder and a volume of 3. Changing it to direct keyboard mapping also creates other problems and I then can’t use the up, down, left & right anymore for controls and I can’t set it to use numerical pad. I can turn the key in 180 turns and it clicks each time its Buyers Guide for VE Commodore and HSV. How do you change coolant on boulevard m90? ve commodore manual Products and names mentioned are the property of their respective owners. com: Car complaints, car problems and defect information. If you are concerned or worried about your engine check light on your VE commodore, we can diagnose or repair your vehicle. Search Fixya The Holden Commodore VE II SS V-Series (SSV) V8 sedan. This is calculated based on your driving style and kilometres travelled, not oil quality sensors. In this technical bulletin we have listed diagnostic advice relating to the Holden VE/WM HVAC & A/C system. The hazard button has been pushed in too hard. A VE V8 Calais was awarded Wheels Car of the Year, being the fifth Commodore/Calais model to do so. I just can’t get over how huge they are. The crank angle sensor provides the PCM with positional information about the crankshaft. Designed here in Australia for the Holden VE Commodore Remote Start Manual Transmission. We have released a video review on the car and even covered the common faults that relate to the V6 Commodore timing chain. only 20,000 I am really leaning towards purchasing this but just wanted a second. Basically it won't work in our driveway or at the front of our house but it works everywhere else! With that, we urge VE Commodore customers that have been affected by the battery drain issue to contact their Holden dealership and arrange for the aforementioned works to be undertaken to ensure I am trying to get a second opinion on buying an 2008 MY09 VE SS-V commodore which has. This is good reliable car that is comfortable and easy to run. PDF Owner Manuals and User Guides are NOT affiliated with the products and/or names mentioned in this site. I got off the train last night and my remote wasn't working. THE Holden Commodore has been recalled for the fifth time in three months — and for the third time in July alone — because the seat may wriggle loose. In many ways the VE Commodore is the best car Australia has ever created. Holden Commodore VF used car review Speaking of recalls, the VF Commodore and Calais was subject to a few, including fixes for the LPG version’s plumbing and wiring, other wiring harness Ve Commodore Flat Battery Problems Elmer Verberg's Vertical Wobbler: Elmer's vertical wobbler engine is a two cylinder inverted "wobbler" style where the motion of the cylinders automatically operates the valves. By John Carey. Holden VE Commodore Common Problems Over the years, we have addressed the VE Commodore a couple of times in our various forms of marketing. UMR Engines Brisbane. Commodore Tourer · Holden Acadia coming soon. the 90's, e. Put the key in and it doesn't do anything. Yes, pressure plate failure can be a problems in VE SS (and SSV models) and early failure is mainly caused by abuse of the clutch and/or gearbox. The VE Commodore brings a slight model shuffle - with the notable loss of the Executive model. More aggressive in appearance - a prominent rear spoiler and a lower, deeper front grille plus eighteen inch wheels set the SS apart from other models in the stable. The differential is mounted to the rear suspension assembly by three rubber mounts, one either side of the pinion flange at the front and the third at the rear of the housing. 0-litre LFW V6 and 3. Fueled up today, took it for a drive, and the check engine light came on and made a racket. They are used in unison to diagnose and repair EFI related problems. $155. From: Markus I've recently sold my 2014 Holden Commodore SSV sedan in an amazing Prussian Steel. 2 software. au. The new base model Commodore is badged as an Omega, while the Berlina represents a cost-effective step-up and the Calais/Calais V are the luxury-spec models. It was the first iteration of the fourth generation of this Australian-made model. Code 51 and some other 50-series codes are the A Holden Commodore SV6 VE Series will be no different. Holden recalled 1521 Commodore and Statesman/Caprice models fitted with a 6. Over the past 6 months we have tried several times to fix the seat belt sensor. The VE series Holden Commodore might be ‘all new’ but we can tell you it isn’t convincingly the best in its segment. 6 litres. Holden Commodore SV6 is an automobile that has a 4 door saloon (sedan) type body with a front mounted engine supplying power to the rear wheels. Page 1 of 3 - VE commodore is the best car ever. The VE is the most technically advanced and refined series so far, starting on a new platform along with the newly refreshed model lineup, better safety and the newly european designed aesthetics. 0-litre V8 on October 18 OBDII Diagnostics on Holden Commodore VE was created by Finisterre Hi there, My son's car is a Holden Commodore VE (V6), and I have recently got myself an advanced OBDII tester tool - This is the DS150E type scanner, and runs a copy of Delphi 2014. Jul 20, 2014 Troubleshooting Common Problems with the Commodore PET 2001 As a seller of replacement parts for the original Commodore PET . She has had this car Holden Commodore - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for all model years of Holden Commodore. Holden invested more than it had ever done before in developing the VE and This guide will show you how to replace an air conditioner actuator on a VE Commodore. Is 2007 Holden Commodore VE Too Old? and Just go with 2009? 2007 Holden Commodore VE Omega. Includes model range, engines, transmissions, safety equipment, crash testing, features and updates. I never had any traction problems with the car at all. After 14 years of history, Holden Commodore is entering the 2011 Aussie muscle cars racing around tracks like Mount Panorama have done much to build the Commodore and Falcon nameplates. Call us now for a special offer! ve commodore in Car and Truck Parts | eBay. GM vehicles transmit codes in numerical order from the lowest to the highest. The process varies from the front seats to the back ones, so this guide will assume you are planning on removing all of the seats in the car. Read Holden Commodore VE car reviews and compare Holden Commodore VE prices and features at carsales. First published in the May 2013 issue of Wheels magazine, Australia’s most experienced and most trusted car magazine since 1953. I wouldn't be very happy either! But you can't say that it's because it's a VE that it's having these problems. GM HOLDEN'S brand-new VE Commodore and WM Statesman/Caprice sedans have come in for their second recall in less than four weeks - this time due to the detection of faulty rear seatbelt buckles. HOLDEN’S billion-dollar VE Commodore and WM Statesman/Caprice have been hit by their first national recall. The Holden Commodore (VE) is a full-size car that was produced by the Australian manufacturer Holden from 2006 to 2013. 525 to a 7. ve commodore problems

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