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Enty @entylawyer A 300 pound entertainment lawyer who has been married six times, lives in his parent's basement and has an obsession with digging up celebrity dirt. The blinds, as a result, are wild and Blind Items Revealed June 17, 2009 This married A list female singer has a very funny way of working. For decades, blind items—unsourced, name-free gossip reports—were considered the lowest rung of celebrity journalism. Please send them to ppresence@yahoo. Do you remember the one about a singer who turned into a “hot disheveled mess” who drinks way too much and keeps a baby monitor on her at blind-items Report: Charlie Sheen to Announce He's HIV Positive There was a fun blind item revealed today on the unverifiable gossip site Crazy Days and Nights: For a decade now, an anonymous, self-described entertainment lawyer has been revealing truly scandalous and potentially defamatory blind items about some of the biggest celebrities in the world Why celebrity gossip blind items are a vice we should quit (but probably won't). Blind Gossip posted this very intriguing blind item on their website yesterday. She has a lot of piping hot tea on the world's most famous celebrities. Today's Blind Items - The Birthday Gift. Search the site for their names and check it out! Jamie Dlux Videos; Playlists; Community; Channels; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Blind Items Revealed 11-20 crazydaysandnights. It says he took $20,000 worth of booze at his latest photog event sponsored by a scotch company. The latest Celebrity Gossip, news and rumors swathed together in a big bucket. I used to be addicted to that site back when I had time to read fun sites. Catch all the latest Hollywood headlines in one place - App, mobile and on the web. I read blind items about Kurt Cobain being suicidal, ditto for Mick Jagger's gf and read about John Mayer's interest in "rough sex" way before events proved the blind items 100% correct. Sometimes we find out the answer. Some working folks are just doing a weekend getaway. This A-list actor has been on-and-off with his wife of over ten years, but I’ve been told that The latest Tweets from Enty (@entylawyer). 25 Jun 2015 I wanted to see if they would reveal blind items concerning Benedict Cumberbatch, especially one of them, to put the cherry on top of my post. and know I'm not missing anything by not reading the Blind Items Revealed #14. With an attractive young companion. Three Actresses in 24 Hours. April 2018. There was a fun blind item revealed today on the unverifiable gossip site . During the show, SBS  Blind Item: Bi-Sexual, Battered & STD Carrier Ex Husband (Exclusive). 12 Jan 2011 Which rock-star survivor is in a relationship with that weird lady mainly because she helps hook him up with younger women? Fans discovered it and he deleted it quickly because he's smart. Let’s stop with the preamble and get right to those, all right? This A This Blind Item was originally written when this B-list rapper was recently locked up on a felony charge. In this case, the star of the blind is very much alive. " An insider claimed that after a dramatic blowout between Goldie, 72, and Kurt, 67, the actress told her boyfriend that she'd "fallen Tommy Kirk’s acting, especialy in “Pl’ Yeller” was great. 2 Comments on “CDAN #3 Blind Item ~ Meghan Markle” Mary says: January 3, 2019 at 4:27 pm I sure hope they don’t give her what she wants here. Today is a magical day. the subject of one of his recently revealed blinds. On the other hand, we have two gentiles Defango and James Brower saying “we created Q with Microchip, whom we suspect is Mossad, to troll Christians”. There are some It seems that their fight outside earlier this month is in the past. Lainey Blinds A listing of Blind Items, Clues and Reveals to Lainey Gossip (laineygossip. Former Restaurant/Bar manager and Insurance agent. October 2, 2012 / Posted by: Michael K. #1 - Which of the Two Broke Girls has the habit of calling every guy she dates babe even if it is date #1. An admirer of beautiful things, and people. Let’s get started by talking about a blind item that you’ve heard about here. Passionate about something niche? Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Of course back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, being gay was a death sentence for any actor who was outed. *All About the Tea Exclusive Blind Item* A shattered reality TV marriage has left a  2 May 2019 Blind Item: Which Buzzy Entertainer Is Poised to Make a Big Blind Items Revealed: 10 of Our Biggest (Recent) Brain Teasers Solved! Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna REVEAL their camaraderie is 'beautiful' . January 3, 2018. [Read more…] about Exactly The Same Person Solved Blind Items engagement , reality tv , wedding CNAD revealed lots of blind items February 24, 2009 This one didnt actually happen at the Academy Awards per se, but happened at a celebrity watching party. (You have to submit the links, that site is a nightmare to navigate. Blind Items Revealed #6. The #1 Blind Item Site in the World! [Blind Gossip] There is a drama series on ABC called The Rookie. August 2018. Tags: celebrity couple, cheating husbands, cheating men, Not so blind item. com, the 23-year-old pop Michael Clarke Duncan's family has questions about Omarosa Manigault specifically, whether the late actor's fiancee unduly influenced him into re-writing his will months before he died and How Gloria Grahame shocked Hollywood by seducing her teen stepson and ended up dying in Liverpool. ^ Petersen  Blind Items Revealed #6 · July 17, 2019. Titles include: "Ballin 4" "Downlow Escort" "Female Assassin" "Above Top Secret" "Inside The Life Of A $1,000 Per Hour Call Girl" (Prequel to $20,000 Per Weekend Call Girl), "Female Seeking Female" (Personal Ad Nightmare) and "Experiments. It came out in 2008, and it was supposed to be a more luxe version of the very popular miniseries from the 1980s, starring Jeremy Irons. British Royal watcher since 1981. Blind Item Revealed — WWE & The Undertaker The Gossip Life Team April 16, 2018 5 Comments We told you about Goldberg’s illustrious return to the WWE after over ten years away and here we are again with another similar scoop – we’ve received word about another wrestling legend – not Goldberg – returning to the ring after some time in Blind Item Revealed. 13 Dec 2018 For decades, blind items—unsourced, name-free gossip reports—were considered the lowest rung of celebrity journalism. Lainey Gossip | Blind Riddles/Blind Items on LaineyGossip on cheating celebrities, affairs, love triangles, studio drama, power struggles, and other juicy smut Oh blind items – who doesn’t love a good bit of reality gossip! What’s better – a dishy blind item revealed! What’s better-better, a dishy blind item about a Real Housewife behaving Entertainment Lawyer reveals the answers to his blind items! Definitely going to be revealed in July. Maybe some are but some are true. net/2019/07/blind-… crazydaysandnights. 0. Is it real or a hoax? I can’t A link to an external website A 'Hilarious' blind item soumis par a fan of Hugh & Lisa. Opinionated, Empathic. BTW, scroll down, you'll see our queen's name there. A 300 pound entertainment lawyer who has been married six times, lives in his parent's basement and has an obsession with digging up celebrity dirt. net/2019/03/blind-items-revealed-5_9. I have my suspicions the same might have occurred with Brian Wilson and company from the Beach Boys (their father was moderately successful in the music industry, getting his foot in the door to make a deal) - it kills me to think/know such brilliantly written music is so tainted Not So Blind Item: Downlow Female Celebrity. Read more » Posted in Blind Item. In the lead-up to their May 19 wedding, the couple has revealed several fun details about their big day, including their wedding flowers, cake (lemon elderflower-flavored!), royal invitation and Singer Halsey has been spotted seemingly snorting a suspicious substance while hanging out with pals in Miami this week. Sunday, June 30, 2013 *Reposted from December 2007* This is one of Myra Pinache's infamous Blind Items. In a time when authors are being unmasked as frauds, some may find Dean's reliance on blind items very convenient. Not all TVLine Blind Items are created equal. I am always thankful when people send me blind items from CDAN. It's usually the most outré blind items that turn out to be true. Slightly over three decades ago, there was a meeting on a yacht in the Med. Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, is the tale of veteran star Gloria Grahame’s affair with Billy Sammeth-- who managed the careers of superstars like Cher, Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers and KC and The Sunshine Band-- has died. Hiding in Hip Hop, entertainment industry vet Terrance Dean's coy tell-all book about the gay secrets of famous people in the music world and Hollywood at large, has not exhausted all of its blind There has been a whole lot of drama this Fashion Week—shoes being thrown, shows starting hours late—and, according to a new Page Six report, business partnerships are now dissolving as well Anonymous asked: Yet another blind item on CDAN that's supposedly about Norm. Retired to Florida. ) Sources have explosively told Star magazine that after 35 years, the partnership between famously unmarried pair Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell has "finally unraveled. June 2018. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. The #1 Blind Item Site in the World! Blind Gossip] This famous actor probably thinks that he is in the clear from those charges of inappropriate behavior involving women Celebrity Gossip, Blind Items, Hollywood Gossip. Guess Who,guess who,blind items. Blind Items, Emma Thompson I might be the only person who really watched the film version of Brideshead Revisited starring Emma Thompson and Matthew Goode. " -"Someone asked the person who shares blind items if Seulgi was dating  7 Feb 2014 Within weeks, I'd discovered Ted Casablanca's column, The Awful Truth, and the endless, seductive black hole of blind gossip items. Blind Items Revealed 12/29 - Usually with my Old Hollywood items the subjects are all dead. In new photos obtained exclusively by Dailymail. net/2019/07/blind-… About jerseydeanne. This permanent A list actor [Warren Beatty] who has not really done anything Usapang Paratsi, Blind items 3 comments HINDI PA maamin-amin ng dalawang sosyalin pero talented stars ang kanilang brewing romance, pero hindi ito dahilan para hindi nila ituloy ang isang bonggang beach trip sa isang napakagandang lugar. The Gossip Life Team May 17, 2016 3 Comments. Please try again later. Here is an interesting blind item I read a few weeks ago: BLIND GOSSIP – July 23, 2010 Not everyone can take a week or two off for summer vacation. Get More Blind Items Here! She said it was all […] The Latest news headlines from Crazy Days and Nights in an easy to follow format. 100% ALLEGED Showbiz, Blind Items and Gossip Thread (Part 5) When Popbitch blind items are revealed it turns out they were on to the story weeks or months ahead Now that the 2012 New Yorker Festival lineup has been announced, it’s time to reveal the answers to our blind items (one, two, and three), for all of you… Monday, January 02, 2012 Blind Items Revealed October 28, 2011 #2 - This C+ movie and television actress is on a huge network comedy hit. She started this a few years ago when she was dating a few guys at once and was afraid she would call the person by the wrong name. December 2017. For example, when she is scheduled to shoot a music video she shows up at one time of day and one time of day only. But you guys, sometimes those blind items get revealed. Now, here's the deal with Lainey Gossip: Lainey is a Canadian entertainment reporter, TV host, and gossip blogger. Things were dire and the whole escapade was crumbling and was going to leave some very important people with some very public egg on their face. PANACHE ACADEMY: Have you ever had fantasies about being a stock broker, day trader or swing trader BUT you never pursued it due to a lack of experience? The Robinhood app solves this problem. November 2017 October 2017. com) blind items by Barda Free Ben Affleck revealed on Facebook late Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. It is a fact CDAN Blind Items revealed about everyone from Jay/Beyonce, Kim K. Hold on to your hetero panties, ladies, because quite unlike Crotch Uh-Lastic, we’ve got a far straighter (for real) predator in town. com. The lead singer and the band announced the news on Facebook on Tuesday, September 26, and The Tom & Lorenzo site claims no credit for any images featured on this site unless otherwise noted. February 2018. and the people who doubt blind items - from my experience is reading How Crazy Days and Nights fooled Hollywood By Maureen Callahan. On Saturday, Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer looked loved up as they enjoyed the Tao x Revolve Desert Nights party at Coachella. Lara Sophia. Recently, a “well-known actor” went on Reddit to anonymously rant about Hollywood, his career, his hidden homosexuality, and the distaste he has for his fans. Sammeth, who started his own agency -- The Bill Sammeth Posts with category 'Blind Items' Page 1 of 2 1 2 Related : Blind Items, Brandi Glanville, Hot Celebs, Hot News, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Reality TV. . "Not So Blind Items: Anonymous Celebrity Gossip Exposed" (PDF). 7,128 Views. The show had a  [Blind Gossip] There is a drama series on ABC called The Rookie. Only some of this, he says, is true. 10 juicy pieces of celebrity gossip (including some blind item reveals) from Lainey Lui’s annual Smut Soirée Didn’t offer a ride [Barda: Personally, I have doubts that this blind ever happened. All visual content is copyrighted to its respective owners. Your Turn. Contributed contents (articles and photographs) are accepted. The Tom & Lorenzo site is in no way responsible for, or has control of, the content of any external website links or embedded streaming videos. Anonymity is your option. The lead actor is Nathan Fillion. I'm usually good Blind Item Reveals Jay Z Cheated On Beyoncé. You’ve got to read this one! The items are so deliberately murky at times that you’re often wrong in your conjecture. Blind Item — SOLVED! Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, has exhibited alarming behavior on screen, on social media, and in real life! A ROCK SOLID source very close to the Southern Charm side character dished the following to AllAboutTheTea. I do love a juicy blind item, and this is one of the most tantalizing I’ve EVER come across. The Rock’s Instagram blind item about a chicken shit candy ass who is a pain in his muscled-up nalgas has been solved! In case you don’t know about today’s biggest mystery, The Rock called out a Fast 8 co-star for being an unprofessional dick with an ass so sweet that it’ll give you cavities. March 2018. It got to the point where production reached out to her to see what was going on. September 2017 Blind Items Revealed #3. The second will be about the "benefits" of being a member of Urban's fan club. , Rashida Jones, Blake Lively, etc. This entitled A- list dual threat actress is already telling producers of her network television show that she won't be showing up for any table reads this season and if they have a problem with it to fire her. A blind item is a news story, typically in a gossip column, in which the details of the matter are reported while the identities of the people involved are not revealed. Small, but recurring role and is usually on every week. And I know what you are doing. Myra Panache's book of original stories, "Book 1: Short Stories" has been released. Or, well, yesterday was a magical day, but Sarah and I were busy celebrating America’s birthday, so we’re just getting to the magic today. BLIND ITEM: IMPROBABLE CROSSOVER EVENT DATE OF PUBLICATION: July 1, 2015 THE GIST: “Execs at a major network (of the broadcast or cable variety) are toying with the idea of staging a crossover Use this control to limit the display of threads to those newer than the specified time frame. Add Comment. May 2018. Hov just can’t shake the cheating rumors for isht! Crazy Days And Nights just revealed Beyoncé and Jay Z as the celebrities involved in an explosive blind item they posted on August 11, 2013. Reese Witherspoon's blind riddle As previously mentioned in the Kerry Washington post, Reese Witherspoon is featured in Entertainment Weekly’s Beyond Beautiful article and drops a blind riddle about opportunities for women in Hollywood: “About four years ago I got sent an awful, terrible script. Blind Items Revealed January 26, 2010 This married A list actress knows she is losing her popularity quickly. Blind Items Revealed #4 Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey yep both were blind items from quite a few years ago. Discussion in 'Celebrity News and Gossip' started by me222, Jul 5, 2011. January 2018. But for a minute there, C2 decided to settle down with a purty little mermaid. See, yesterday CDAN revealed tons and tons of blind items. TED CASABLANCA/E! ONLINE 08/18 Chunky Charlie is known for baiting Hollywood's more rarefied fishies. As Lainey Lui of Lainey Gossip explained to Vanity Fair last year, gossip writers use blind items to protect their sources and themselves from potentially litigious celebrities. Oh blind items – who doesn’t love a good bit of reality gossip! What’s better – a dishy blind item revealed! And a yet to be revealed blind item bit, whom we believe to be a Real These are all blind items that Lainey Gossip. as other have pointed out he did say some shady stuff in the past, and his insistence shooting this film was soooo awful is a bit odd. Thanks to blind items, we did have hints of their awful behavior a few years back. who feed him his best items. 183 comments I agree, kids sold out by their families for fame and fortune seem to fetch substantial returns for the parents. I understand that it has changed ownership so I am not sure how accurate they are these days but back when I read there they had […] We will have two blog tidbits today. 3 Feb 2019 I once read that: “If gossip is the first draft of history; then blind items are the first this is the first and only time it has ever been fully revealed. This is considered one of the easiest apps on the market. Steven Tyler is headed home to seek medical attention after falling ill during his tour with Aerosmith. A hit network television show got her to her peak and it is Hmmm. A fellow posté the link in twitter, thought it's good to share. "Blind" Item. Never really any awards that counted but huge. Think something like Adam Sandler back in the day. If and when the timing is right, a CDAN blind gets its “reveal” - usually as the big event in Hollywood is happening, or just as the scandal is about to become news. This long-delayed film directed by an aging permanent A list director will finally premiere in about two months. This post will also introduce a third narrative to the public discourse, that Q began as part of a puzzle that Cicada was creating; and a fourth narrative, my own – based on studying this psyop since its public debut at the end of October [Blind Gossip] If you are wondering if the proposal and engagement are real, we have an answer for you. The catch? The 10-year industry vet doesn't actually reveal names; he instead uses a slew of blind items recounting his run-ins — often intimate — with famous gay men hiding out in the film, television and music worlds. The show had a successful first season and was picked up for  13 hours ago Celebrity Gossip, Blind Items, Hollywood Gossip. com, exposing the nurse’s less than nurturing side. " Celebrity Blind Items Revealed Tuesday, February 21, 2012. “Just asking” was the little headline that launched a thousand Blind Items. Who isn’t their spouse. Did Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson Do It? Leah Finnegan · 01/06/15 02: 48PM. They really need Anonymous wrote:Blind Items Revealed #2 October 18, 2018 It looks like the news is starting to spread that this alliterate former actress who is far more famous now than she ever would have been from acting had to use IVF to get pregnant. MR BLIND ITEM I am MR BLIND ITEM. To celebrate Page Six's 40th anniversary, Emily Smith, Steve Cuozzo, and the creator  15 Jan 2019 As I said the whole time #Qanon was a larp started by Defango, which was then taken over by a bunch of pro israeli shills (CodeMonkeyz, Corsi  Jun 13, 2019- Hey ONTD ready for another round of blind items that have been revealed? If you missed it, here are posts 1, 2, and 3! These are all blind items  1 Jan 2019 Today, January 1, 2019, the popular website, Crazy Days and Nights' Blind Items Revealed #33, lists three names: Allison Mack, India  11 Jan 2018 The items are so deliberately murky at times that you're often wrong in your If and when the timing is right, a CDAN blind gets its “reveal”  26 Jan 2017 We also asked her to reveal some of the subjects of these items, but since there's no Faran got the inspiration from Page Six's blind items. Enty Blind Items: The All Gay Edition. Blind Item: Is This Real Housewife’s Extramarital Affair About To Be Revealed By One Of Her Co-Star’s? May 7, 2018. His homosexuality had nothing to do with his acting ability. In the  18 Dec 2018 For the uninitiated: Blind items are potentially true, potentially false bits of the celebrities in their blinds, but I won't list any of the reveals here,  This page provides a quick reference to Chris Cornell Blind Items from CDAN ( Jan Yesterday's BI has been revealed today on Enty's podcast episode #265. Some of our brain teasers are resolved in a matter of weeks or even days, while others linger in the TV scoop sphere in seeming perpetuity, like the This rising star Reality Show Participant (RSP) has had a busy few days of drama on the Internet. June 28, 2019 This permanent A list mostly movie actor sent out a cease and desist to the foreign born former A+ list tweener to stop usi Blind Item Revealed: How a Scorned Form of Gossip Changed Hollywood. Crazy Days even offered a batch of revealed items twice a year, on 4th of July and New Year's Day. Hello ONTDers, I thought I would make a post of blind items that Lainey Gossip has revealed to be true. A big and famous celebrity watching party. Our star is a former A++++ list actor. But that measurement is based on what they call “linear” ratings which are typically reflective of the viewing preferences of an older audience – basically the CBS audience. DNA Blind Item: You Know Who! they get paid and get to tell their story without the repercussions of their name mentioned. Here's the tea with Lainey: she's an entertainment insider, so she has a lot of dirty gossip that she reveals, sparingly, in her… ONTD Original: Lainey Blind Items Revealed (Part Quatro!) Blind items, for the uninitiated, are short pieces of gossip in which the identities of the characters involved are not revealed. You don't need ANY stock, finance or math experience to buy, sell or trade. You can read these excellent posts illustrating why Lainey isn't a trustworthy source on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle here and here . Although this famous actor is now over the age of 50, he is instantly recognizable as the Crazy Days and Nights Blind Item Revealed #4 May 7, 2014 This actress was A list at her very brief peak. I don’t have a link to the CDAN blind. This celebrity couple is terrified that they will get caught up in the college admissions scandal! While they did not use the company that is in the news, they did do something shady to “help” their child get into the right college. Guess Who,Blind Item Guess Who . There are a few things that are not allowed on Anarchy - Don't tell anyone to die or to kill themselves (or any variation thereof), don't use buzzwords that would feel right at home on an alt-right website, don't dox anyone, and don’t make a comment that is overly offensive/inflammatory in a way not already outlined above (homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc). A very important meeting. ♕ˋ ⎯⎯ TMZ BLIND ITEM ┆REVEALED. New from Ted… Friday Fun! One Skanky N’ Straight Blind Vice. This producer has been making the talk show rounds but remaining off camera while one or both of his two traveling companions is interviewed. Lara Sophia @larasophia. View my complete profile Dear Gossips, CBS announced yesterday that the North American version of Love Island has been renewed for a second season even though ratings haven’t been great. July 2018. This feature is not available right now. Posts about The Awful Truth written by Archiver. The first is a blind item revealed about the Diva from Crazy Days & Nights. Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular. All sorts of accusations are flying around about her man. Normally I'm very skeptical when it comes to blinds, but this one got my attention. And this is one of those times. A big show in court, but the drug dealer's wife is already hooking up with a married CEO introduced to her by the  August 2018 · July 2018 · June 2018 · May 2018 · April 2018 · March 2018 · February 2018 · January 2018 · December 2017 · November 2017 · October 2017. enty revealed the blind about taylor calling in a favor so joe could walk the oscars red carpet with nicholas hoult. This Blind Item is sort of unusual because it is not really about Bravo related shows but it does include a producer who formerly worked for Bravo. While this dark-haired film actor is telling […] @Heathering, I tend not to believe blind items but in his case it seems like an awful lot of rumours + pics, so there might be some truth to this. Her blind items each have a title, are very detailed Celebrity Gossip, Blind Items, Hollywood Gossip. July 15, 2019 This permanent A++ list politician was interviewed by the FBI on Friday in regards to the wealthy pedophile. On the March 29 broadcast of SBS's “8 O'Clock News,” it was revealed that a famous idol group member was sued for sexual assault. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. blind items revealed

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