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00 Sale:$2,000. Great numbers here from just a tune and catless downpipes on a C190 Mercedes-AMG GT S. The GT S has only been around for one year. eurocharged. That’s where the big power figures come from. The 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is delivered with an impressive amount of Horsepower. In a result: All PEC tuning upgrades operates within the engines’ tolerances. 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S by Lorinser. Fostla gives the AMG GT S by installing a carbon fiber bodykit from Lüthen Motorsport, and the  Sep 12, 2018 In case you haven't already heard, the Mercedes-AMG GT R sounds fantastic. Raceboy's Forza Horizon 3 Tunes (New DLC tunes up now! June 6th): Hi Everyone! I've been tuning almost every car I use and, if I'm happy with it, uploading it for download. Mercedes-Benz Service Intervals | Maintenance Schedules. 1 Wheels, a performance tune and a suspension upgrade installed Buy Eurocharged Mercedes M178 AMG GT GTs 2015+ performance engine software ECUFLASH : Engine Management Systems - Amazon. We inform you gladly about our tuning kit and Vmax delimiter for your Mercedes AMG. $2,500. 8 km (12. This Mercedes-AMG GT S vs Mercedes-AMG GT R comparison aims to figure out exactly that. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Following on from our successful Mercedes C63 AMG (W204) tuning, we were excited to start tuning the new turbo-charged V8 in the C63 W205. 8 seconds, the Mercedes-AMG GT S leaves almost everyone behind. They mean that you can fine tune your GTS or GTS Black to match your engine’s performance and characteristics perfectly. Sep 11, 2015 The German tuners are at it again, turning up the wick on AMG's supercar. Experience the true potential and power of your MB. 99. The UPD M178 Cold Air Induction Kit is a simple and clean bolt on kit to add instant horsepower by increasing air flow into the engine by over 30%25. com, call or stop by with any questions, concerns or comments. is that it features an ' upgraded' engine, so expect tuning of the turbos, the cooling,  Sep 26, 2018 Today we're thrilled to share a Stage 2 tune review from our client Larry Flaxman. The VSS line-up features appealing and accentuating design features across the model range which complement any luxury or exotic automobile. That’s the extent of what customers are WORLD Motorsports develops, sells and installs world-class performance parts for high-end street applications. The Mercedes AMG GTS introduction to the market place has been received well by enthusiasts everywhere. Other custom enhancements are available if requested and applicable. . *** Maximize your Mercedes’ horsepower, torque and driveability with a Hydra Motor Works ECU Tune. Eurocharged specializes in performance software and ecu tuning. Intended for racing in the new FIA GT Championship series in 1997, the CLK GTR was designed primarily as a race car, with the road cars necessary in order to meet homologation standards being secondary in the car's design. This means it now clashes head-on with the mighty Porsche 911 in a much HEX Tuning is the Performance software division of VF Engineering Tune it Yourself! ALFA ROMEO AUDI BMW ///M BMW FERRARI FORD LAMBORGHINI MCLAREN MERCEDES AMG PORSCHE HEX Tuning Explained AVAILABLE PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE BRABUS 800 Limited Edition BLACK OPS - "1 of 10" 03. they developed the AMG GT, it started with a dream of what an ideal sports car might be. Mercedes AMG GTs M178 on the dyno. In for tune and downpipes. Unlike most turbocharged cars, it has a deep rumble, and a true  Read the latest Aftermarket / Tuning news articles and press releases about AMG GT vehicles from around the United States and the world. Equipped with 3 piece forged wheels,Meistershaft GT exhaust, Weistec tune,Meistershaft down pipes,and Novitec coilovers" - Garden Grove, CA AMG GT 53, GT 63 and GT 63 S 4-door Coupes. Designation: BMW M4 GTS S55B30T0 3. Operating since 1994, Fitzgerald Racing Services has focused on performance improvements, maintenance and support for Porsches ranging from club sprint cars to GT3 Cup winners. With just shy of 600 lb-ft at the wheels when the turbos spool this thing is going to move. The Weistec AMG GT S baseline is on a completely stock car with 91 octane pump fuel. Get our impressions and see pictures at Car and Driver. However for some, 469HP just isn't enough, and that's why the owner came to us for his Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Baseline Dyno before the ECU tune and downpipes. Pushing 700 horsepower ready to hit the streets today!" - Garden Grove, CA So that your RaceChip works perfectly with the engine in your car, we have developed fine tuning mappings. 9 mi) long course in just 7 minutes and 4 seconds. Images of products are only for information purposes and can change due to continuous product development. Good behavior and have fun I am a DS4 user with just ABS at 1, TC at 1 and others in off. The standard 462bhp twin-turbo V8 car, the 510bhp twin-turbo V8 GT 'S', a 549bhp AMG GT 'C' Roadster, and of course, the banshee 577bhp GT 'R'. Over 500 wheel horsepower from a stock Mercedes-AMG GT S M178 on 91 octane pump gas? The impressive Mercedes-AMG GTs features the acclaimed 4L V8 Bi-Turbo Powerplant yielding 375kW & 650Nm at the flywheel. I like it very much, but I have regards on this car: 1) I’d rather tune a normal AMG GT, to give it more of a “sleeper” feel to it (plus the GTR is very special already), and 2) it looks SSR Performance 2014+ Mercedes Benz AMG GT(s) C190 M178 ECU Flash Tune. After the ECU tune only, peak horsepower goes up to 535 at the wheels. Before/After results posted with some hefty numbers off just a flash 😅 107whp gains at 4000rpm and 140wtrq gains at 4000rpm 😬 #boost #turbo #mercedes #mercedesbenz #AMG #amggts #biturbo #m177 #m178 #eurocharged #eurochargedperfo Tuning Tech FS offers performance ECU tuning for the M157 engine that will excel your already potent 5. The Mercedes GT-S is the second Mercedes-Benz vehicle fully developed by AMG, the company’s Affalterbach based performance division and long fabled engine The Great Escape: 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C vs 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. Stage 1 2018 W213 Mercedes-AMG E63 S M177 ECU tune results from DME Tuning - 656 rwhp So 100+ WHP over the GTS tune only? Incredible. Read more and see photos at Car and Driver. Our tune is designed to take your Merdedes’ performance to the next level while maintaining OEM reliability. VR Tuned. The Mercedes-AMG GT C is damn near as quick as the track-ready GT R, and easier to live with. com; Mon - Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm. 19 - The first weekend in June 2019 provides the stage for two spectacular world premieres at two of … AMG developed its own V8 engine (dubbed M156 in development) for the DTM series. 00. Mercedes ECU Tuning upgrades are available from Vivid Racing by Renntech, VR Tuned, Velos, Kleeman, and other Mercedes AMG performance tuners. 0 seconds, the Mercedes-AMG GT fits optimally into a sporty lifestyle. Read Motor Trend's Mercedes-Benz AMG GT review to get the latest information on models, prices, specs, MPG, fuel economy and photos. The AMG GT family has grown, in number and by countless measures of driving performance. 0L V8 BiTurbo M178 Also included in the R2 Performance Package for the 190 AMG GT-S, are the  Stage 2 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS ECU Tune. Renntech has set a record on the Nurburgring with their tuned Mercedes-AMG GT R, which completed the 20. A Stage 2 Tune Transformation from “Grown Up” to “Maniacal Demon” Mercedes Benz AMG ECU tuning, calibration, and performance experts. May 26, 2018 If you can't wait for Mercedes-AMG to introduce the Black Series version of the GT R, you can always turn to certain tuning companies that will  Sep 13, 2015 Brabus reveals its 600-horsepower customized take on the Mercedes-AMG GT S, set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show with  Nov 26, 2016 In drag racing circles, cars such as the Nissan GT-R usually don't shy away from a challenge, especially when they're packing a little something  Mar 24, 2019 The Mercedes-AMG GT R is street legal, but it's not at its best on public roads. All AMG tuning systems undergo extensive testing ensuring safety and reliability. Call - 713-462-1600 Join Us - @EurochargedPerformance Tags - # eurocharged # eurochargedauto Email - Sales@Eurocharged. Please upgrade your browser! Sep 11, 2015 Despite all that extra performance, Brabus says its tuned version of the Mercedes -AMG GT S engine still meets European emission regulations. The app control feature lets you download the pre-programmed settings right from our servers. This particular car features a lightweight carbon fiber body kit and various aftermarket upgrades which makes this one of the most aggressive looking vehicles of its kind. Renntech Starts Mercedes-AMG GT S Tuning Pioneering athletics: With a top speed of 310 km / h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3. Mercedes Benz GTS AMG 4. Mercedes-Benz combines luxury with performance across the full line of models including luxury sedans, SUVs, coupes, roadsters, convertibles & more. Today we’re thrilled to share a Stage 2 tune review from our client Larry Flaxman. This GTS-spec C63S is the first example of the latter, a mid-level tune with tweaks that bring more power, grip, and chassis refinement to the table. Somehow I don't see this car getting as much popularity as the sls, in fact from what I can see, the new amg gts has seemingly dropped off the map aside from a few tests here and there. The sidebars is plastic components with a carbon top layer . Aug 16, 2017 The 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is delivered with an impressive amount of Horsepower. Photo of SGP Exotics - "AMG GTS with full exhaust and tune. The stock numbers are very strong at 480 wheel horsepower and 454 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. AMG GTS in for tune. The AMG GTS serves as a direct successor to the AMG SLS and pays homage to the classic 300SL gullwing. Awesome improvement in throttle response, torque and hp. Their body shell is a long-hooded, broad-shouldered 509 -lb sculpture of The Mercedes AMG GT or AMG GTS is already a sporty vehicle in the standard version. But when that isn't enough, Boosted Autosports sorted sort things out for improved bottom end, response and overall power & torque. CarBahn-Autoworks-Mercedes-AMG-C63S-GTS The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR (W297) is a sports car and race car produced by Mercedes-AMG, the performance and motorsports arm of Mercedes-Benz. The M156 produces 451 horsepower and 443 ft-lbs of torque. More Info: Extended Warranty, Car Loans, Car insurance and Lemon Laws for your Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS Weistec tune Mercedes Benz AMG GTS 4. Stock 2014 C63 AMG on the Dyno. Get the most out of your 2014+ Mercedes Benz AMG GT(s) C190 M178 by mailing us your ECU for a bench flash or bringing your vehicle to us at our Southern California facility! The Porsche GT2RS is what many Porsche enthusiasts dream of owning. The M156, in various states of tune, was used in models such as the SL 63, E 63, CLS 63, and S 63 until it was replaced by the M157 5. As the new engine has forced-induction we are able to obtain significant power gains with our ECU remaps and performance exhaust systems. 2017 Porsche 718 equipped with Fabspeed Supercup Turboback Exhaust and ECU Tune Supercup Turboback Exhaust - +4 whp & 16 ft/lbs Supercup Turboback Exhaust & ECU Tune- +23 whp & 60 ft/lbs ----- Feel free to visit fabspeed. The ECU Software Upgrade Kleemann has more than 20 years of experience tuning vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Performance ECU Tune for Mercedes Benz AMG M178 GT GTC GTS GTR C190 Mercedes AMG GT(s) 2018. Carbon Designz Carbon Rear Spoiler Mercedes Benz C190 AMG GTS 13-19. The German tuners with the cool sounding name, Wheelsandmore, have just completed Mercedes AMG GT / AMG GTS C190 Carbon side skirts Carbon Side   Skirts for standard AMG GT and GTS side skirts . I've had my Accessport about 3 weeks now - 2017 GTS, running 93 octane. Nonetheless, several tuning  GLC / GLC Coupé · GL / GLS class · G class · Viano / V class · Maybach · SLS · GT / S · Business solutions. The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is a high-performance sports car, a rival for icons such as the Porsche 911 and Chevy Corvette. DME Tuned Explore the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe sports car's performance, design, and technology. mercedes handheld tuner. Read More: 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA New Design. It sits at the very top of the 911 hierarchy and it has the performance to take on the best supercars in the world. However, as standard vehicles are developed for a large target group, the sporty type is always "air up". In body, heart and soul, the AMG GT and GT S are pure sports cars, and pure Mercedes-AMG. Hello in my garage hope you find your happiness. RADO, GoPro, ADV1,GMG, Brabus, Techart, and more. 0-liter waterboxer reaches its peak state of tune in this variant, putting out 450 hp. The SLS AMG‘s high revving 6,2 L normally aspirated V8 engine is changed into a furious power house by the KLEEMANN SUPERCHARGER. The AMG tuning kit protects all the engine functions and diagnostics of your Mercedes AMG original ECU. 5 L Biturbo V8. Seen as a predecessor to the ever so popular SLS the AMG Its produces 503 hp out of the box in its unique and aggressive shape. 5L V8 Biturbo engine provides excellent luxury class power for the 2012-13 AMG lineup, Yet, with stock output of the E63 detuned to 518 horsepower, there’s certainly room for improvement. 0 L Twin Turbo I6 DIRECT TO OBDII FLASH FLASH BACK TO STOCK HEX Tuning is a great performance upgrade for the track focused M4 GTS, expertly calibrated to work with the vehicles water injection system to sustain high performance in competitive driving conditions. Eurocharged ECU Tune (ECU Remap) for the Mercedes AMG GTs (M178 Engine) Brilliantly  Jul 3, 2018 Some tuning boosts the output to 605 hp, too. All of the options available for your tune will be discussed when our staff members are assisting you. Base GT / S (C190). Three 4-door coupes pair brilliant technology with breathtaking design to offer an unmatched experience for the driver and three fortunate passengers. Photo of SGP Exotics - "AMG GTS 700 HP. But, if the standard GT-S can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3. The M178 offers plenty of room over the factory tune even on pump fuel. It replaced the 2015 Mercedes-AMG SLS GT, which many Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts were not too excited about because of some of the specifications. Interestingly, the flapship sports car of Mercedes-Benz goes progressively downstream over the last decade, from the £313,000 SLR McLaren to the £170,000 SLS AMG and now the £100,000 AMG GT (or £110,000 for the hotter GT S). Unleash the beast and achieve max power without sacrificing reliability and drive-ability. 5L V8 Bi-Turbo E63 AMG S 4Matic vehicle (2014 - 2016) to the next level. Conveniently compare local dealer pricing on Mercedes-Benz AMG GTs. The GTS package includes upgraded turbochargers, sourced from Pure Tuning, as well as custom carbon fiber airboxes, upgraded heat exchangers and a custom ECU tune, which includes a speed limiter delete option. The M176 (G500), M177 (AMG C63 and C63s) and M178 (AMG GT, GTS and GTR) twin turbo engines produces between 422 to 585 HP and 600 to 700 NM (442-516 lb-ft), dependent upon the chassis the motor is installed in. Evolve Technik is a specialist eco and performance tuning division based at Fitzgerald Racing Services. And became proof of what the racers at AMG, and the cars they craft, can do. It’ll cost you $11,880 for the performance, and $1,980 for the springs. There is a nice set of wheels and an engine tune that’s available for the both the AMG GT and the AMG GT S. Tuners have attacked the Merc AMG GT-S with power; can outrun a Porsche 911 GTS too), but expect fireworks. Description. Larry recently fell in So that your RaceChip works perfectly with the engine in your car, we have developed fine tuning mappings. 7 seconds and hit a top speed of 193 mph, these aftermarket modifications could push the run to 60 Let's take a look at the M178 ECU tune first. The AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension is adjustable in three stages - from comfortable to sporty tight. Performance ECU Tune for Mercedes Benz AMG M178 GT GTC GTS GTR C190. No idea on The impressive Mercedes-AMG GTs features the acclaimed 4L V8 Bi-Turbo Powerplant yielding 375kW & 650Nm at the flywheel. Editor Fate GTS Tuning App. RENNtech Facebook · RENNtech Instagram · RENNtech YouTube · RENNtech  Mercedes M178 63 AMG ECU Tuning - Stage 1 (+82HP / 74TRQ). Our engineers rely on their decades of motor electronics knowledge to produce the most refined engine programming available. If you add higher octane fuel, the ECU will adjust accordingly. #tunerwerks #ecu #tune #mercedes #benz #amg #gts #m178 #v8 #biturbo #c190 #mb #mercedesbenz #mercedesamg #twinturbo #turbo #tuning #boost #hp #torque. The in house developed and manufactured Supercharger system is manufactured from billet aluminum, carefully milled out from solid alloy blocks, and black anodized. High performance tune for increase horsepower and torque Mercedes-AMG GT S By Renntech. Regular price $1,799. E55 AMG Performance Parts, AMG Tuning & Upgrades, Bi Turbo M178 Tune, AMG Performance Exhaust E55 Longtube Headers, AMG GTS E63 Tune Programmer, E55 Supercharger pulley, E55 Intake System, E55 Fuel Systems, E55 Carbon Fiber Parts, E55 Tuning, M113K Idler Pulleys, E55 Idler Pulleys, E55 Crank Pulley Discover what makes the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S special in this Motor Trend First Test review, with great photos of the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S. We can tune cars worldwide including JDM, EU, Australian, and USA cars for different types of octane or environments. Our philosophy at Leith is to service your vehicle in all ways that help extend the life of your vehicle. Darwin Pro Mercedes-AMG GT S built by Creative Bespoke, features a set of ADV. Gcturbo, Nov 16, 2017. The RaceChip Ultimate for the C63 AMG and C63 S AMG is available from 699 euros in RaceChip’s online store and from select partners. Replies: 18 Help fixing up PD's default tune with Aston Martin Vantage Mercedes Benz AMG 63 M178 4. Wählen Sie das Tuning für Ihren Mercedes-AMG aus Das limitierte Sondermodell GT 63S 4 Türer 1of31 Mar 29, 2019 At Circuit of the Americas, the roomy Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupe AMG, the one-time independent tuning shop based in Affalterbach,  May 29, 2019 Brabus Equips Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S With 800 BHP & Carbon Fiber The independent tuning company has given the 800 more stance and  Jun 25, 2016 More than 10,000 hours were spent tuning the GT R's rear-wheel steering system , a first for AMG. Larry recently fell in love with a 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS  Mercedes Benz AMG ECU tuning, calibration, and performance experts. But the notion of a driver tuning his own level of stability  Oct 9, 2018 In terms of performance, the Mercedes-AMG GT – whether in its base or R version -- already packs a good punch. 0L V8 Bi-Turbo ECU Software Tuning by Fabspeed Motorsport. HP 500. We provide custom dyno tuning, flashing and remap for nearly all makes and models! When we saw an AMG GT with racing stripes in our email box this morning, we knew we were in for something special. The first odd bit of information was that his AMG coupe already had a custom tune added to the engine computer. See models and pricing, as well as photos and videos. Adding parts such as an exhaust, intake, plenum, pulley, will all adjust with the tune. The AMG GT is one of the most exciting sportscars of the moment, a jewel in the Mercedes crown from both the engineering and design point of view. Like all AMG GTs, the GT C uses a super-quick hydraulic steering rack that offers a nice amount of VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Mercedes AMG GT-S M178 510HP. This information was originally shared to the forum in a thread by member FactoryFast, who took his 2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to a local shop for a tune and a few runs on the dyno. Mercedes-Benz AMG VGT Racing Series. However for some, 469HP just isn't enough, and  What can I say? This is definitely top 3! Well balanced tune for this particular track ! Even though it seems like a nice flat track, its actually quite bumpy! When I ran  AMG Tuning mit Teilegutachten und Garantie. With a top speed of 304 km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4. We have an extensive array of Mercedes tuning parts from Brabus that cover all elements of your car, and we also supply performance exhaust products from Akrapovic, Capristo and iPE. Stage 1. Oct 18, 2016 If you want a Mercedes-AMG GT, you have a few options. *** Unlock the hidden power gains detained in your Mercedes’ ECU with a Hydra Motor Works ECU Tune. Strapping a AMG GTS on the dyno for final gains on tuning! The tune picks up 44WHP and 122WTQ! www. The twin-turbo 3. 0L Biturbo performance ECU tune Racing-bred chassis 503 Horsepower There are particularly choice AMG tuning upgrades available for the AMG GT, C63 AMG, E63 AMG, G63 AMG, S63 AMG and SLS AMG, as well as the rest of the Mercedes models. AMG GT. Absolutely worth every penny! We ship the car to AZ for the winter, so will reset the tune to the AZ 91 octane. " Factory. The beastly model born in » Mercedes CLS63 AMG 2011-2018 Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (M157) | Automotive repair for all makes and models (WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Thanks to the electronic performance enhancement achieved by our chip tuning experts, the C63 S AMG has a power output of 599 hp and 825 Nm: an hefty increase of 89 hp and 125 Nm compared to the factory model. By tuning aerodynamics, wheel-tire combination, suspension and engine, the performance and the appearance of your AMG GT or GTS can be adapted to your The Mercedes-AMG GT combines the fascination of an authentic sports car with segment-specific technology leadership and high practicality. Feb 23, 2017 AMG GT - AMG GTS Tuning piggybacks and OBD2 Boost pressure - Hello To begin with please excuse my english its not my native language  Jul 2, 2015 Over 600bhp from Mercedes' sports coupe with latest performance tuning. I make all my tunes with there settings. Regular price $2,699. +1 561 845 7888 · info@renntechmercedes. Our performance tune improves horsepower, torque, and driving characteristics by reprogramming the factory ECU inputs, air/fuel ratios, and increasing boost. The dyno type is a Dynojet. Versatility was the concept behind this particular series of wheels that will perform successfully on any occasion inspiring confidence and expressing a sense of style and elegance from the valet park to your motoring club jamboree. Up the hills PRESSERtech Client Review: Stage 2 Takes AMG GTS from “Restrained” to “Maniacal Demon” We love hearing stories from you about your performance tuning journey. If you want a Mercedes-AMG GT, you have a few options. Mercedes ECU Tuning Upgrades. 99 Stage 1 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS M178 ECU Calibration. With its stout design, the hand-built Mercedes Benz AMG 5. 06. Read more. But when that isn't enough you come to Boosted Autosports for improved bottom end, response and overall power & torque. It's a shame because I genuinely like this car, but the sls just seems to have more of a "wow factor" for me. Every flat spot that existed with the stock tune has been improved considerably. I finally knew that I had made the right decision in trading for the AMG GTS Edition. Unlock the hidden power gains detained in your Mercedes Benz’s ECU with an Arcane Motors ECU Tune This is a 2016 AMG GTS Edition 1… ONLY 30 PRODUCED! This is NOT the standard GT or GTS MODEL! You will not find a nicer, better condition AMG GTS Edition 1 for sale ANYWHERE! This is by far the best tune available for the GTS. 0 Twin Turbo ECU Tune $ 1,695. Not many words can describe how I feel right now! I am so happy and proud to say I am the owner of a Renntech R1 AMG GTS!! What a transformation! Renntech: h RENNtech - The world-wide only AMG derived Mercedes-Benz tuning copmany since 1989, is the leader in High-Performance automotive aftermarket products. It's available in a few configurations, including a two-door roadster. com Mercedes Benz AMG GT / GTS Tuning and Aftermarket Parts | Scuderia Car Parts | Quickly find your part from our catalogue of hundreds of thousands of parts using our comprehensive part finder Not only is the AMG GTS edition car significantly faster – whether from a roll or full stop, the sound is noticeably more sports car like. Includes flash loader Tune M178 AMG GT & GTs. MB CLS63 (w218) Handheld Programmer: The handheld programmer will give you the ability to program our custom ECU software (tune) into your vehicle from the comfort of your own home as well as give you the ability to continue upgrading the vehicle without the need for your ECU to be removed or shipped in! Chip tuning from RaceChip for your MB CLA-Class (C/X117) CLA 45 AMG (280KW). RevoZport tunes AMG GT S to 650 hp The RevoZport GTZ-650 is the enhanced version of the AMG GTS providing higher downforce and performance for the owners whom think the standard GTS is not *** Unlock the hidden power gains detained in your Mercedes’ ECU with a Hydra Motor Works ECU Tune. The integration of the system required a very  Jul 6, 2015 It said the AMG GT S package witnessed in the video is just the beginning of the tuning and performance development they have in store for the  Jun 15, 2015 As a matter of fact, Performmaster has made this PEC tuning model available for both AMG GT and AMG GT S models, and here it is what it . Mercedes Benz AMG GT / GTS Tuning and Aftermarket Parts | Scuderia Car Parts | Quickly find your part from our catalogue of hundreds of thousands of parts  The R2 features our proprietary ECU tune for the new 4. com Read our first review of the beastly GT R version of Mercedes-AMG's sports car, which is a comprehensively re-engineered track monster. Mercedes-AMG GT S. Our premier line of Mercedes Tuning by VR Tuned is available for all AMG Mercedes models including the S Class, SL Class, C Class, E Class, ML Class, and others. 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS Weistec tune 1/4 mile Drag Racing trap speed 0-60. amg gts tune

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