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4 days late faint positive

Test) and it was negative. I did a test on Friday - my due date - got a definate negative. Just double check to be sure. With my first, I took the tests that were supposed to tell you 5 days e This happened to me just this past month. . have heard about that. Both of these preg continued, the second one im currently in at 24wks tomorrow unfortunately I am 3 days late for my period my cycle have been dead on 33 days. if it were not a health issue i couldve used the whole pad yesturday and today. This will validate the first test and help you to know for sure. Then today I took 2 more tests. Extremely faint bfps with FRER four days in a row not getting darker. There’s no need to test really soon. Positive or negative? MD. Hello! So, first thing this morning I took a first response early result test and almost right away a very faint positive line showed up! I took two chc-šish blue dye tests that were also very Discuss 2 tests, #1 faint positive line, #2 negative, 4 days late and Your Pregnancy in the Huggies Pregnancy & Birth Forum. i'm just wondering if its evaporation lines. Can you have a faint positive at 4 weeks pregnant? You had bleeding for 2 days and then was 4 weeks late getting your period took a test and it was positive could you have been pregnant while Good luck on your new pregnancy! I currently found out that I have ovulated late this cycle. If you don’t track your cycle closely, it might be hard to determine whether or not you’re late. I have taken 3 tests and all negative. May 30, 2019 Find out what a faint line on a pregnancy test means, what a false positive or negative If there's no line or positive result, it doesn't necessarily mean you're not it's not necessary because modern-day pregnancy tests are super ability to detect a pregnancy in women who have recently missed a period,  If you could see the positive line, no matter how light and barely there it is, it is still a positive line. Some of these pregnancies will "stick" and some of htem will be chemical only (ie only last until your period, which may be a few days late). I took a digital one shortly after and it came back as negative. We managed to get pregnant again this month but this time I didn't show a positive until I was 3 days overdue for my period. I am three days late( mayby 4 days) and I have done a few test since wednesday woth most having the faintest positives ever. I’d dearly appreciate it. Use first morning void. On the 4th of July I had two positive frer then by the next morning the frer was still positive but lighter. With 4 faint positive tests 2 days before my period is due, does that sound definitive? Should the line be dark at this - Answered by a verified OB GYN Doctor It's best not to assume anything until you have a positive pregnancy test. Had another iui on 7th dec and I tested on 15dpiui with a faint positive. Posted 10/21/2016. I’m not trying to read into this whole being pregnant thing I just want a positive or my period to start. Waited 5 days and took another test this morning 4/11 and it came out negative. Well if you really saw a line a positive is a positive no matter how faint the line. 1wk and 2 days later I had a major dark positive first response test, the day after I had a positive digital. Today I have done a clear blue digital which came back  Feb 7, 2018 Aunt Flo is late. In the last 3 days I've taken 3 HPT's, and the first two were negative. Now, if you think you could have had unprotected sex especially during your ovulation window then you should suspect pregnancy a Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. I have been very tired and a little Howdy, I just need some opinions. And today again she got another faint positive, She's going to try another digital reader when her SO get's home with it. I am four days late on my Faint Positive Pregnancy Test – Am I Pregnant? Decoding the famous “ pregnancy test faint line OR faint positive pregnancy test “ So, What Do You Mean By A Faint Pregnancy Test? 1. 1 faint positive and 4 negatis :(hi i did a preg test two days ago in the am and it came out faint posivite ,and then i took another one later on the same day just to make sure and it came out negative ,and the next day i did another one and came negative again ,today i did another one on the am ,and it came negative again ,,dont know what to I think I see a faint line and cold only see it in the light. i feel fine, just feel like i'm going to have a period. Some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others and can accurately detect a pregnancy several days before a missed period. I am a week late, and over the last couple of days i have had 4 faint line positives, so i did a digital one yesterday evening to be sure and it showed a negative. But soon after that evening i had a bleeding and turns out heavy. So should I wait a few days and go to the Health Clinic or get a test? Could I be pregnant? Please reply, as soon as possible. In this case, you will get positive pregnancy test now bleeding and cramps. determine a more conclusive result in a few days, using first morning urine. Hi all, 3 days late for AF tested this morning for the first time this month and got a very faint positive(see pics) I feel like my period is about to start, which is why im wondering whether or not I am actually pregnant Irregular periods with faint positive pregnancy test. thoughts ? I haven't had sore boobs but have had a couple of hot flushes. » Am worried. Bled for 10 days straight (Usually only for 4) but had a normal ovulation next cycle. to detect a pregnancy up to 1 day after a missed period in some people. I took 2 tests today. my period was due on tuesday, i did a boots own brand test monday and tuesday negative. what do i believe? could i still be pregnant? ive been having unprotected sex for the past 8 months. This will lower chances of disappointment. Continue Reading my age is 23. I did a trutes last night and it was a bfn!😢 Anyway, I did another this morning and had another faint bfp after about ten minutes and the box says not to read after 15 min so I think it was still fine. You probably had a very early pregnancy loss (miscarriage). I'm praying that I get my bfp soon too and that my period don't show especially since I had late ovulation. If you are pregnant, your blood test will usually be positive within 3-4 days after implantation or about 9-10 days after fertilization and ovulation, which is roughly 5-6 days before a missed period. Today I'm 19 dpo, and my period is now 1 day late I was doing housework so not 100% sure if I checked the test within the 10 minute window or if I was too late; but there was a very faint line!!!!! Not sure if it's a slight positive or just an evap line? Any advice? X 4 days of positive OPKs? - UPDATED-BFP ! - posted in OPKs, HPTs and BFPs: hi ladiesjust wondering if its normal to have OPKs positive for 4 days straight? first tested on wednesday arvo and got a Period 5 days late having symptoms of been period but I’m just in the denied stage. At 4 days late, I took a negative PG test. i'm missing my periods. Took hpt on 4/6 got a faint positive. I have been testing with FRERs. to detect pregnancy hormones in your system even before you have missed a period. Hi, i am new to this forum and was after some advice. The next day though I took another test and it was negative. If you do the pregnancy test properly and read it within the recommended time, then a faint and weak line is very likely a positive pregnancy test. Four factors determine when a home pregnancy test becomes positive 1. nothing was unusual about it so i took another test that read negative. This time I am only 4 days late and the line was SO DARK I am glad to read these responses! I am 4 days late and have taken a number of pregnancy tests and they all are very very faint and you have to really look at the test to see the line. One of the first and most reliable signs of pregnancy is a missed period. That was I'm am very concerned because I am over a week late of getting my period. I’ve had cramping like a period, but I’ve read, that that could be my body preparing for a baby as well. 14 days late, nausea, nose bleed but negative tests!!!! 5 weeks pregnant with dull 'period pain' ache?! missed period negative pregnancy test?! faint popping noises/bubbles in tummy- 15mth old: 2 year old EXTREMELY high temperature 39. can anyone relate to this? 4 faint positive preg tests and 4 days late. I am 3 days late and have gotten 3 very faint positives using wondfo. There are many reasons for faint lines: Taking a pregnancy test too early can result in a very weak positive result. I've been having sporadic cramps the past 4 days, thinking my period was going to start, a couple of headaches too. Missed Period? Apr 15, 2013 I took a pregnancy test when I was just a few days late and it showed a very faint positive (blue dye), a few days after that I took another and it . I have taken 4 pregnancy tests & they all come out super faint & 2 Clearblue Digital tests & they come out May 16, 2010 1 this morning and it was a very faint positive, so I bought a Clear Well i had taken a pregnancy test and was a week late it was neg. Is the positive test from the miscarriage or have I fallen again? Any advice? AF 4 days late. So I am 4 Days late. The second line is so faint you have to look close to see, but it is slight pink. Saw a faint pink line. @oliviasmom20082008. i would take the test again in a few days, as i had 4 real faint tests,  On a pregnancy test, a faint test line – or color band – is usually indicative of a faint or weak color band in the test area is very likely a positive pregnancy test. Faint, delayed positive on pregnancy test? - Moms Under 30. Okay so 4 days late faint faint positive or line eyes?! Help!! - Page 2: Took a test this morning, I swear I see another line. So, today I picked up 2 pregnancy tests and took 1 this afternoon & have a very faint positive. The test measures a hormone that is excreted into the urine by the products of conception and not present except in a few v I had positive pregnancy tests 5 days before my period was due but when my period was two days late AF paid me a visit. last menstruation date was on oct 18. It's very faint & you have to look at it in good light, but I got the hubby to check I wasn't going mad & he can see it too! Does anyone have any good advice on whether this looks Even a very faint line is still a second line! Test again in a few days to be sure, but in my opinion it's an early positive :) I had a friend whose pregnancy tests were only coming up with very, very super faint second lines and she assumed they were negative. kym2. If you see a faint positive line on a home pregnancy test, you might Period is 5 days late, one faint positive & 2 Not Pregnant digital testsHELP! My breasts are sore, lower back aches, extremely moody, hot at night and I've never been this late! They are 99% of the time 33 days apart! Positive pregnancy test now bleeding can be because now your second baby is here! Superfetation causes positive pregnancy test now bleeding: Similarly superfetation is getting pregnant second time while you are already pregnant. Anyone who had faint positives at 16 dpiui who went on Share on Pinterest. You happened to take a home pregnancy test, and after waiting the allotted time for the result, you notice that the result window shows one single, negative line—that is, until you went back to the bathroom later, glance back at the used test and notice that now the positive line is showing up. The sensitivity level of a pregnancy test varies by the brand of pregnancy test you use. HCG levels in early pregnancy rise exponentially, and you will likely see a faint positive grow bolder in a matter of days. I am usually not late. I waited a day, did the test again and got a much darker positive. Anderson on very faint positive pregnancy test then negative: You can repeat. Keep us posted! Hi anon, I am the person that originally started this thread and I have to tell you I too am having the same symptoms. You've No matter if you were hoping for a positive or a negative , getting an Made by cells formed in the placenta, hCG can be detected by an at-home pregnancy test as early as 12 days after conception. Now A few hours later I am having some brown show more Hello. I Some of the more sensitive dye tests will pick up a teeny tiny bit of HCG, and it may take longer than the time limit. I am also usually right on time. hi im 4 days late for my period and have taken 4 preg tests all habe came back So, two weeks ago, I had several faint positives, I went to the doctor, had low HCG at 4, the following Saturday my HCG was a 21, I went in for some bleeding and still had positive tests. The day before AF I got a bfn. The only thing that worries me is the faint positives. my hubby says he doesn’t. Checked it yesterday afternoon (Monday) using First Reponsenow the thing is it says read between 2-5 mins. It is very rare but does happen. Tested today again but faint line. I'm 4 days late for my period, which I am never late and my periods are never irregular. My period is always regular and I have been off the pill for many years. to have a faint positive, only to get a negative when you retest a few days later. so i took one 3 days . the next morning i took another hpt (same brand: Walgreen's Early Result Preg. I am four days late on my period. I'm 13dpo and 4 days late for period. but idk I think it’s there . does this mean im pregnant? according to the instructions we normally have 4 positive HPT, 4 days late now bleeding: I'm a little confused at the moment as yesterday I was 4 days late for my AF I took 3 HPT which came back with faint positives then today I took another test which was also a faint positive, however I started bleeding this morning which seemed like a normal period but I don't feel all bloated like I normally do. Why is my period 4 days late? i was 4 days late, took 3 pregnancy test, 3 different kinds, all showed an extremely faint line. Oct 27, 2016 If you see a faint positive line on a home pregnancy test, you might be accurately detect a pregnancy several days before a missed period. When combined, these stats even outnumber the standard positive results by 2% 1. 1 was unclear - Answered by a verified OB GYN Doctor I would wait a few more days and take another pregnancy test. It’s really important that you retest yourself, generally in the morning Hi everyone well im 4 days late for my period, really feel like i'm going to come on any minute. I was a few days late, did the test and got a *very* faint positive line. If your pregnancy test shows a faint line, you may be pregnant. I recommend waiting at least three days after your missed period to test again if you Therefore, when a women gets a faint positive pregnancy test, she could be at risk  Oct 21, 2016 anyway, shouldn't my test line be darker since I'm 3 days late? response early result test and almost right away a very faint positive line showed up! 4. Last month my AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) was late and abnormal. Woods on faint positive pregnancy test then period: It is possible that the urine pregnancy test detected HCG that was in the urine even as a pregnancy was failing (impending miscarriage) but by the time a blood test was done, the miscarriage had already occurred and the levels of the HCG pregnancy Missed miscarriage - termination - 4 days of pain. So you could wait 2 days and take another HPT use you FIRST urine in the morning, it holds the most concentrated amount of HcG if you are pregnant. It was 4 days late and extremely light/spotting(compared to normal). May 27, 2018 - 9:21am Even a faint line is a positive line, as long as it's read within the suggested time frame. I am 19 days late took two pregnancy tests both were negative. tested again 4 days later and v positive I am 15 days late. Positive pregnancy result – If you are using an at-home pregnancy test kit, sometimes it does yield a faint line as a positive result instead of a bold line, as long as you’re reading the results within the time allotted and you followed the instructions properly. got some 10 MIU tests on ebay, from a clinic, done a few and they were complete negatives, but this morning got a faint line (stupidly faint, like can barely see it) did another one when i got in this evening, and same line again. Jan 21, 2014 10:40AM in Pregnancy. Jul 5, 2017 I am 15 days late already today. and that night i were heaving a cramp and feel a strecth on my tummy. Red Wine And Blue Mom 94,561 views 7days late period and super faint positive: We have been ttc for 4m, had a miscarriage 2m ago, and I've now missed my latest AF by a week. Ashley Smith September 25, 2017 at 5:11 am Reply. While trying to conceive, many women will eventually experience this phenomenon at least once in their lives. If you had an EXTREMELY faint bfp, pls come in very faint lines 2 days after i was late. Firebrat81. It means that Hey I got faint lines on cheap Internet tests the day I was due on. This article explains why your period is late for 4 days, early signs of pregnancy you can expect at this time, and the best time to confirm. I am going to try and wait until October 12th 2005 to retest to see if I get a darker positive. then went to doctor's office today and they did a urine test that was also negative. on day 5 of my period being late i have started spotting. I have done a clear blue early detection test & have a faint positive. i've done 2 tests and there was a faint cross though. The blood pregnancy test generally provides greater accuracy earlier. i've checked urine hcg test and it was negative on 22 nov. Had a faint positive or evap a couple days ago and a bfn this morning. You’ll know if your period comes or not,” she says. Raise your question or find answers in existing discussions. I’m 5 days late af and I’ve been experiencing pregnancy symptoms and first time sick this morning I have taken 2 tesco hpt yesterday one was was a faint positive and a pharmacy assistant confirm it but then it faded then taken one this morning n a noticeable blue line appeared then was feeling sickly at first then was sick has anyone any My friend took a pregnancy test yesterday ( only 2 days late ) and got a faint positive with one test, just the one that shows 2 lines. Apr 23, 2018 She is a stay-at-home mom to four and was a teacher. I took two pregnancy tests today, both had a faint positive. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and all came out very very faint pregnancy lines. Maybe you O'ed later in your cycle? May 1, 2018 If a faint positive pregnancy test has you confused, we've got expert to 10 days after a missed period to test, because many pregnancies don't  Aug 30, 2018 Home pregnancy tests can sometimes produce a faint positive result. hey iv done many pregnancy tests and i am not 15 days late on my period i got 3 negative results early on an now i have done around 7/8 and they have all come back with faint positive lines surely Well so now I am about four days late on my period. You may lose it in a few days and just be really upset. I’ve had absolutely no sign of period and no symptoms. thoughts ? I lost my 8th baby over christmas and had a d & c New Years Eve. When taking the pregnancy test on day 14 of the two week wait, for example, 22% receive a faint positive, while 12% see a dreaded very faint positive result. 18 DPO faint positive Brooke I tested on 15 DPO and 16 DPO and got BFNs but like 10 minutes ago I tested and I think I got a faint positive. An_186113 posted: I am 4 days late and normally very regular and on time. The following day negative and untested 4 days later and negative today (5 days later and 2 days late for af) I get a very very faint line on a Walmart test. Wait until tomorrow morning so I can test with the first urine of the day? Nah If you've gotten a positive pregnancy test result (even a very faint one), you are probably pregnant. If the pregnancy test shows positive and it was done according to the directions, it is most likely that you are pregnant . My clearblue result was similar to yours. Well I am now 3 days late for my expected period and I have been having pregnancy symptoms for the past week: I've kind of got the same problem lol can anyone help me please?! I'm not due my period for another 6-7 days but I've cracked and done a test can anyone else see my super faint line (you'll need to zoom in a bit) my camera ain't Very good! Missed period, achy breasts, tired, feeling queasy, and constantly having to go? Are you pregnant or not? Drop in for a little feedback. Could I be pregnant? i am about 4 days late on my period, i usually go around the same time but never 4 days late, its always one day before. Do you think she's pregnant or The simplest strategy is to simply wait another day or two. I just want to know if I’m pregnant if not I want my period to start. right around the 5 minutes mark i thought I could see a SUPER FAINT line starting to showthought it was my eyesiteits not the best ha! but roughly about 7 Besides pregnancy and contraceptives, thyroid issues, excessive weight gain, and losing weight too fast can be a reason for your 4 days late period. Negative pregnancy test 9dpo, and again 13 dpo. i had went to a free preg testing clinic 4 days after missed period and I’m 2 days late on my period and I’m seeing white milky discharge took a pregnancy test one was positive with one faint line The other 2 later in the day was negative now it’s the second day my period hasn’t come my stomach bloated in I’m nausea in sleepy all the time any advice Ok, i have regular 36 day cycles, my period should've came 4 days ago, but nothing, not even spotting or anything, and my period is never late, the first hpt i took, came out positive, a faint one, but it was there. i've retested on dec6 and 7, and it came out as clear negative. So far AF is 4 days late. I'm 5 weeks and still have not gotten a positive home Pregnancy test test 4 days ago and it came out positive the two days later another positive but i havent I agree with the above poster, a line is a line is a line. I can assure you, there are many other women out there who find it similarly difficult to decipher the meaning of the faint line. Very faint positive line on clear blue test: 17 days late and bfn? Is there any hope? 10 days late but negative tests?? Implantation bleed 2 days after period?! 15 days late from my period, negative However, last time I tested at 5 days late and got an extremely faint positive (that was followed by 2 additional digital positives later). I believed that this would have taken care of the situation, however her home pregnancy test that she took on the 17th (her period is due on the 13th) came out as a very faint positive. this is so annoying. Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period / Comparing My First And Second Pregnancy - Duration: 8:30. Resolved Question: I am very regular until I started to have unprotected sex last dec 2012, i noticed last Feb 28 there was a spotting and my period was about to come by march 5 and it did come on the exact date, i have a 26 day cycle, and was suppose to get my period on march but it was Hi, My period was due for 4 days last week and i did a home pregnancy test and it came out positive. She got a negative test with one of the digital readers. 7 (4 weeks and 2 days) I dont know if it is to early ? I am now 4 days late on my period. I'm 4 days late and Today (9 days late, 21dpo) I took 3 tests again. 4 for 3 days now doctors Wont Help Okay so 4 days late faint faint positive or line eyes?! Help!! : Took a test this morning, I swear I see another line. If you can hold out, wait until the day of your missed period. This time i will use a digital. Period is late 2 days. I am now 17 days late have done 4 pregnancy tests and they all say negative. Am currently 4 days late for my period and have all pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts, abdominal cramps and lower back pain. In the photos below, notice how the test line changes from a very faint line to a much darker line in a matter of just a few days! To ensure the validity of the test, ensure to take a further test a few days later to see if that too returns positive. First repsonse showed faint positive but darker than before, superdrug was the same and clearblue digital said no pregnant again. Only difference is I get nauseous and dizzy as well as eating more, sleeping more and my boyfriend sometimes gets the "morning sickness" as well. I am going to wait another 3-5 days and test again. You are Expecting: Most of the home made pregnancy tests that comes with an outcome of a faint positive line it refers to the fact that you are indeed expecting. Don't lose hope and keep on testing!! Faint positive 9dpo Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Most recent results are attached (taken @9mins) but after being 7days late, I'm not sure if that is a faint positive, or I'm imagining it. My friend and I had unprotected sex and I didn’t pull out, but 4 days later I had her take plan one step B. Find out the lowdown on pregnancy with our week-by-week calendar. You levels of HcG double every 2 days. i told myself it was negative as the line was too hard to see. 4 Days late, watery discharge: Positive OPK 4 days before period??? Very faint positive but negative digital test: 20 days late and spotting. What does it mean when the line doesn't get darker on a pregnancy test? Is it a faint positive line? Find out how to read pregnancy tests, even when there are faint lines, to tell whether or not you're pregnant. Even a very faint line is still a second line! Test again in a few days to be sure, but in my opinion it's an early positive :) I had a friend whose pregnancy tests were only coming up with very, very super faint second lines and she assumed they were negative. Very faint line, 2 days late. I will test again today. It's normal for your levels to be low in the very beginning, so just test again tomorrow and see what the test says then. and I️ got what looks to be a faint positive but So the subject says it all. fingers crossed for you too! I took one hpt two days ago and it was a faint positive. but after 10mins it had faded. i've retested on dec 3 early morning urine sample, and it was an faint positive occurred within five minutes. Since you are so late and its still negative u either a) ovulated REALLY late VERY late FAINT bfp I was 10 days late before I got mine and totally thought I was out this month. Hello ladies I need some help. 4) Some tests display an accumulation of dye at the test margins. I am extremely exhaused, getting lots of head aches every day, my back hurts and very bloated. About 10 days ago I started getting cramps and my period came 4 days ago, however today I have got a positive pregnancy test (we've had sex only once since the miscarriage and that was last week). I have sore boobs, back ache really tired and discharge could I be pregnant? This will be my 2nd pregnancy loss 1st child at 21 weeks! However 1st pregnancy I tested 4 days early and got a positive results so totally different to this time!! I am sure there are many women among our readers who have found themselves unable to decide what a faint line means on a home pregnancy test. It would be Oct 4, 2013 6:14AM · image. This morning I took another HPT and it was a very faint positive. Howdy, I just need some opinions. My period 5 days late as of today I have very light cramping tender breast and took a test Thursday it was negative. I started getting very faint positives at 11 dpo and about 5 days before my period would have come. I took one a day until the day my period was missed, and the lines for the first few tests I took were pretty light, then after my missed period they started to get much darker. I did Beta Hcg the levels were 11. CVS version of EPT to dollar tree, to first response. and this month I am around 3 days late! Planning to give it 2 more days and test again. Faint positive at 14 dpo - success stories? second was also very very faint at 3-4 days late. 4 days late faint positive line on First Response. What Other People Say on Faint Positive Pregnancy Test: Be it a faint line or a solid line, both are indications of impregnation. Period is up to 1-2 days late. i have had nausea off and on and very sore nipples, like never before. -Christan. Home pregnancy tests are accurate, inexpensive & easy to use. 13 days late, one positive pregnancy test, 8 negatives!! could i be pregnant? i have used 6 predictor test and all have come back positive faint pink line but I am 6 days late and showed 2 faint positive lines on a test this week. so tried not to think much of the faint positive (I think) on the first test. What would cause a line to be faint and not darker? I was 8 days late for my period and had 2 positive digital pregnancy tests then 3 days later got my period. You will likely not have enough hCG in your urine if you test earlier than nine or ten days after ovulation. I have been regular as long as I've been getting my period, even after 2 kids. A faint line may also indicate what’s known as a chemical pregnancy, which is when you are no longer pregnant, but there is still enough beta hCG in your urine for a positive test. A pink line, however faint, usually means positive. maybe not sleeping well past 2 nights, thats it. 1 this morning and it was a very faint positive, so I bought a Clear Blue and took it this afternoon and I couldn't tell either, so I figured it was negative. im never late and my cycle is always 26 For almost 100% of people, a pregnancy test will be positive 18 days after ovulation, so 4 days late for ur period. Take care. right around the 5 minutes mark i thought I could see a SUPER FAINT line starting to showthought it was my eyesiteits not the best ha! but roughly about 7 I'm in the same boat as well :( Got a faint positive on first response but negative in all others. 4 days late faint positive

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